3 Ways to Respond to Redemption

Sarah Caskey

The Word of God—from Genesis all the way through Revelation—tells the tale of God’s redemption story. The God of the universe, the One over all of creation, had a plan to redeem the ones in whom He loves. In light of all He has done, we are called to respond. Here are 3 ways that Isaiah 44 calls for us to respond to God’s gracious redemption on our behalf. 


  1. Remember His faithful love.

    In Isaiah 44:21, the first active command given is for God’s people to simply recall what it is we know to be true. In spite of our idolatrous inclinations to stray, the Lord remains faithful. He tells us to remember who we are and what He has done. Twice, He tells us that we are His servants and declares that He is our Creator. He knows us deeply, and He chooses to look on us with compassion. Perhaps the most comforting truth, though, is that He will never forget His people. Though we are faithless, He remains faithful. We are called to remember and reflect upon His faithful promises. Though we are bent towards forgetfulness, He will not let us—or His promises to us—be forgotten.

  2. Return to the One who forgives.

    Verse 22 calls us back into this unreciprocated relationship, where we are so prone to wander yet the Lord is so gracious to forgive. God reminds us here that our transgressions and sins are like clouds and their mist—not eternal like the redemption He readily offers in their place. He gives us our reason for turning back to the God who never turns His back on us. It’s because He has already redeemed us. The work is already done. Christ has already taken on the wrath meant for us. Now, as a result, we can return to the rest He so freely gives in the place of our straying and striving.

  3. Rejoice in the God of your salvation.

    We serve a God who saves His people and are thus called to rejoice as our response. All of creation—us included—is part of this command. From the earth’s depths up to the mountains, every forest and its trees: all are called to rejoice and to sing in light of the fact that “the LORD has acted.” He has redeemed His people, called them back to Himself, and declares that He will be glorified through it all. Verse 24 proclaims that the Lord, our Redeemer who formed us from the womb, is the One who made everything. We are included in that everything! His glory will be declared just as it has since even before the beginning of time. We may as well fall in line with the rest of the created order’s shouts of praise. 


As His created ones, we are called to respond to the redemption that God, through His Son Jesus, showers upon us undeserved. Isaiah 44:21-24 tells us how we can behold the glory of the Lord and radiate His praises in light of all He has done for us, as His sacrifice on our behalf brings us back into relationship with Himself. We are prompted to remember, to return, and to rejoice in the redemption that God delights in extending to us. Lean into this redemption story that the Creator of every good thing longs for you to accept.