What Are Trustees?

The Trustees of Brentwood Baptist Church serve as a lay leadership team elected by, and accountable to, the members. The Trustees are empowered by the members to ensure alignment of ministries with the church’s mission and vision, to give oversight to the ongoing operations of the church, and to provide counsel and support to the Senior Pastor.

2023 Trustee Nominees

Members will have the opportunity to vote in church services on November 6 and 13.

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Leilani Boulware
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Spouse: Dwaine Anderson
Children: James, Bonita, and Brittany
Occupation: Residential Real Estate Professional
Campus: Brentwood
Current Service: Legal/Risk Task Force Committee; Interim OASIS Life Group Teacher; Member of Racial Unity Committee
Statement of Faith: Jesus is Lord of all. Jesus gave his life to pay for my many sins.  Because of that, I love Him and am set apart to serve Him.  Since my salvation experience as a teenager, God’s mercy and grace has continually revealed the vastness of His faithfulness to me.  Jesus is my Counselor, my Rock, and my ultimate Hope.  Without Him, I have nothing.  Because of Him, I have everything.  I trust God to grant His promise in Jeremiah 33:3, as I follow Him daily.  My resolve is to align my life with His purposes for me on earth, and to live my life according to Mark 12:30-31 and James 1:22.


Drew Cressman
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Name: Drew Cressman
Spouse: Sally Cressman
Children: Kendall (Andy), Derek (Abby), Hannah
Occupation: Commercial Real Estate Broker/Advisor, JPS Realty Partners.  Experience in markets across the US with various companies, including 10 years as Vice President of publicly traded real estate investment trust.
Campus: currently Lockeland; Brentwood (2004-2016)
Current service: Deacon, Men in Training table leader (Brentwood) and Life Group teacher (Lockeland)
Past Service: Deacon Brentwood (2015 – 2016), Elementary Sunday School teacher (2004-2016), Usher Brentwood (2005-2016), Life Group leader (2008-2011)
Statement of Faith: For God so loved … you know the rest.  Once we get our head and our heart to know that the Creator of the universe loves us immensely and unconditionally, we are changed.  I was.  May His kingdom come.  Phil 1:6.


Nathan Gray
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Spouse: Amber Gray
Children: Jacob, Ethan, and Ari Gray
Occupation: Assistant Director of Sales Training at Supernus Pharmaceuticals
Campus: Nolensville
Current Service: Deacon, Life Group Leader, Men’s Group Leader, Host Team, Special Needs Ministry
Previous Service: Chairman Nolensville Deacon Ministry, Launch Team Member
Statement of Faith: I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at the age of 8 at Vacation Bible School. As a Christian I strive everyday to grow closer to Him.


Jeff Kauppila
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Spouse: Amy
Children: Audrey, Abigail, Daniel
Occupation: Chief Technology Officer of Reliable MicroSystems, LLC; Research Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Vanderbilt University
Campus: Brentwood
Current Service: Staff Resource Team (Chairman), LIFE Group Leader, Deacon, Leader Enlistment Team, Gospel Conversations Coach, THRIVE Lead Team
Past Service: Staff Resource Team (2009–2012), On and Off Campus LIFE Group Leader (2003–2016, 2018 – present), Focus Study Leader (2008–2010, 2013, 2015, 2022), TNT Participant (2005–2007), Decision Counselor (2003–2005)
Statement of Faith: I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at the age of 14. The witness of classmates, who attended Brentwood Baptist Church, ignited my curiosity to read the Scriptures and opened my eyes to my need for a Savior. I believe the Bible is the divinely inspired and inerrant Word of God. Salvation is offered freely to all mankind. It was purchased by the blood of Christ and is available to all who accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. There is only one way to God, in accordance with John 14:6, and that is through faith in Jesus Christ. I desire to follow God’s commands in 2 Timothy 2:2 and 2:15 by encouraging others to be not only disciples of Christ, but disciple-makers.


Randy Overton
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Spouse: Rachel
Children: Sydney, Sadler, Sutton, Sadie, Simms, Sully
Occupation: Chief Financial Officer, Fast Pace Health
Campus: West Franklin
Current Service: Trustee (Vice Chairman), Preschool Leader, Usher
Past Service: Deacon – Chairman (2018), Vice Chairman (2017) and Secretary (2016), Preschool Teacher Brentwood Campus (2007-2008)
Statement of Faith: At the age of 8, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. This life-changing decision was due to the faithfulness of my parents and the faithful leaders in Sunday School, RAs, Choir, and the Youth Group at Brentwood Baptist who lived out Proverbs 22:6. I truly committed to Christ at the age of 33 and was baptized. I live my life after John 13:34-35.


Alan Pulfrey
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Spouse: Jill
Children: Aaron, Mary Brooks and Sarah
Occupation: Engineering Management Director, Cigna
Campus: Station Hill
Current Service: Student Ministry LIFE Group Leader; Usher
Past Service: Trustee (2018 – 2021), Deacon, Brentwood campus (2006 – 2010); Deacon, Station Hill (2011 – 2016)
Statement of Faith: I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and was baptized as a 7 year old boy at First Baptist Church Monroeville, AL. I confess that I am a sinner and believe that it is only by the blood and sacrifice of Jesus on the cross that I am redeemed and can spend eternity in Heaven. Ephesians 2:8-9 is the scripture that best describes my understanding and affection for the Gospel, it is God’s grace that saves me and nothing of my own doing.


Mitchell D Simpson (Mitch)
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Spouse: Carol (deceased)
Children:  Hailey, Madison, and Austin Simpson
Campus: Avenue South
Occupation: President of Entech Engineering, Inc. (A mechanical, plumbing and electrical engineering consulting firm in Brentwood TN)
Campus: currently Avenue South campus after several years at Brentwood campus
Current Service: Deacon at Ave South, Mentor Relationship Ministry Leader, Life Group Host, Volunteer assistant in Preschool and Children’s ministry, TNT Next Level candidate, Daily Devotional contributing writer
Past Service: TNT Graduate 2019, Men in Training 2015-2019, Global Mission Journey to Guatemala 2019 and 2021
Statement of Faith: Although I was raised in church, I didn’t accept Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior until I was in college.  While I tried to live out my faith over the last 57 years, it wasn’t until 9 years ago that I truly understood the reality of Christ in my life.  My wife of 24 years unexpectedly passed away leaving me and my three teenage children to figure out life as a broken family.  Through this trial, I was finally able to understand what “my grace is sufficient for you” (2 Cor. 12:9) really meant.  Now I know and feel the hope I have in Christ and think it is our responsibility to share that same hope with the lost and seeking in this world.  I believe in the one true God and that He loved us so much that He sent His son to this world that we might live through him.  I also believe the Bible is the infallible and inerrant word of God and that our lives and decisions should be lived in light of God’s word.


Art Tennille
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Spouse:  Ruth
Children: Rob Tennille and Mandy Greene
Occupation: Director, Retirement Solutions at GuideStone Financial Resources
Campus: Brentwood
Current Service: Staff Resource Team (2019 – Present), Deacon (2007 – Present), Deacon Team Co-Leader (2008 – Present), Worship Choir (2005 – Present), BBC LIFE Group member (2005 – Present), BBC Member (2005 – Present)
Past Service:  MTI (Middle Tennessee Initiative) Leadership Team, Church Multiplication sub-team (2014 – 2016), TNT Leadership (2014);  Worship Choir Leadership Team (2008-2018); Mission Journey to Pearlington, MS (2008)
Statement of Faith:When I was almost 11 and having grown up with a family and church family who encouraged and supported me, I began to fully grasp the truths of scripture, such as those in John 3:16, Romans 10:9, and John 14:6.  Near the end of a week of Vacation Bible School that year I prayed, admitting to Jesus that I was a sinner, believing in Him and accepting Him as my personal Savior and Lord.  I believe He is the Son of God, that He died on the cross, and that he was raised from the dead so that we might have eternal life.  I believe that salvation is a gift of grace from God and that we are justified before Him solely on the basis of Christ’s righteousness, and not through any personal effort of our own.  While I’ve been richly blessed and have grown through His teachings and in service to Him over the years, I am still a work in progress and am always humbled when He calls on me to serve.


Gene Torti
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Spouse: Lynn
Children: Ryan (Sarah), Tyler (Kayla), and Kyle
Occupation: Industrial Packaging Specialist
Campus: Brentwood
Current Service: Worship Choir
Past Service: Trustee (2014 – 2021)(Vice Chairman 2016, Chairman 2017-2018) ; LIFE Group Leader (1999-2020); Brentwood Baptist Foundation Trustee (2006-2010); Worship Choir Leadership Team(1998-2012); Deacon; Mission Journeys
Statement of Faith: I believe that God is Holy and Sovereign, and that Jesus lived and died to save me from my sinfulness. I am incredibly thankful for His grace, and the hope of eternal life through Him. My goal in life is to live in a way that glorifies the Father and points people in His direction. My desire, as it says in Ephesians 3:17-19, is to be rooted in Him and able to comprehend the length, width, depth, and height of His love and to be filled with His fullness.

Current Trustees

Joey Moss


Randy Overton


Donna Keel


Mike Barnett

Dale Clayton

Jeremy Johnson

Dennis Moses

Matt Ragan

Craig Reed

Tommy Sanders

Mal Underwood

Kevin Drake