Our Response to the Ukraine crisis

We are in the process of reaching out to our partners (IMB, Send Relief) and contacts about the situation in Ukraine. Missions staff have already been on several calls and email exchanges with those that have direct contact. At a minimum, there will be a large refugee issue as people flee the area. IMB has already evacuated all their personnel to other locations and has plans to continue their work in Ukraine through their national networks.

Here is a great response from the IMB page (https://www.imb.org/2022/02/24/send-relief-responds-ukraine-crisis/):

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Send Relief responds to the Ukraine crisis

Send Relief, the combined compassion ministry effort of the International Mission Board and the North American Mission Board, is currently working with local Baptist partners in Ukraine to respond to the growing humanitarian crisis. This crisis has been created by the escalated tension mounting around the border between Ukraine and Russia and Russia’s invasion.

Send Relief partners are already on the ground providing emergency food relief, shelter, clothing, and more to displaced families. As the situation worsens, Send Relief partners are ready to provide further food relief, meet shelter needs and offer transportation to assist those impacted by this escalating crisis.

Reports continue to indicate that as many as 5 million Ukrainians will be displaced in neighboring countries such as Poland and Romania, and a large number of internally displaced people are beginning to form in Western Ukraine. The greatest needs for these displaced families will include finding access to food, water, shelter, clothing, sanitation, and hygiene.

Gifts to Send Relief’s Ukraine Crisis Fund are vital to these relief efforts. The best way for Southern Baptists to respond is through prayer and giving.

Send Relief encourages churches and individuals to pray for Ukraine by downloading the Ukraine Prayer Guide.