Our Response To Hurricane Laura

(Updated 9/24/20 at 4:30PM)



With hurricane season in effect, our Disaster Response Team and first responder crews are caring for those in need.

Our chainsaw team returned last night from Lake Charles, Louisiana. Within a week’s time, 88 damaged trees were removed (totaling $142,000 worth of tree cutting services at no charge to the recipients). The team also had the opportunity to share Christ with others through 20 gospel conversations, and they are assured that 40 people gave their lives to Christ through the combined gospel conversations of the Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Response Teams.

Many are looking for hope, and our team was glad to be present during their time of need. For future actions steps, certain members of our team are trained in trauma healing, flood recovery, and construction. They will respond when more needs are identified. We will start with clean up crews, and we will likely continue with rebuilding crews for long term purposes. We will continue to monitor the situation and will respond accordingly as more needs become clear and the affected areas request help.

Since the recovery after a hurricane can take several years, our Disaster Response Team works in affected areas long after the news stops reporting on the event. That’s why we are grateful for your support and encouragement in our efforts. We ask that you pray for those families who have been impacted by this disaster and for our Disaster Response Team as we prepare for the days ahead. Please let us know if you are interested in joining us for our next trip.

If you would like to give towards this effort, donations can be made to our Disaster Response fund. (All donations are used for Disaster Response only).

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