Our Response to The Nashville Flooding

(Updated 3/31/21 at 11:00 AM)

On the evening of March 27, Nashville saw yet another devastation as the Harpeth River flooded parts of the Middle Tennessee community. In total, the storm caused six casualties and severe damage to homes and businesses (many were without power and currently need repairs).

Our church will continue to supply aid to alleviate the tragedy that happened in our own backyard. Click here to watch a short video in regards to the Nashville flooding.

If you would like to give towards our efforts, donations can be made to our Disaster Response fund. (All donations are used for Disaster Response only).

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What Our Team is Doing

Our Disaster Response Team will be doing a mud out today for a church member whose home was damaged in the flood. Work will include removing drywall/insulation and moving the debris to the street. Over the next week, we will continue to help and will be in need of volunteers.

Our church understands that telling people about the love of Christ is the reason for doing disaster response. Every family we help gets to experience and hear about Jesus. All volunteers know that gospel conversations are our primary task, and they stop what they are doing to spend time with people they encounter while we are working.

Year-to-Date Disaster Response

  • 2020 Nashville Tornado Damage Repair
    • Roofing, painting, replacing gutters, and tree removal
    • 5 days of work
    • 17 volunteers
  • 2021 Fultondale, AL, Tornado Damage Repair
    • 11 people deployed to serve
  • Winter Storm Uri (Katy, TX)
    • 10,750 feet of plumbing pipe (over 2 miles of pipe)
    • 5,000 pipe fittings
    • 1,300 bottles of water
    • Floor blowers, shop vacs, generators and fuel, and miscellaneous supplies
  • Equipment Training
    • 2 events
    • 5 volunteers
  • Over $21,000 of free services provided
  • Over 390 man hours of work