Name Title Email Phone

Aaron Bryant

Campus and Teaching Pastor - Avenue South

[email protected] (615) 850-3155

Adam Dye

Media Director - Central Support

[email protected] (615) 324-6162

Adele Brothers

Discipleship Intern

[email protected]

Alex Joy

Administrative Assistant

[email protected]

Alex Rose

Next Gen Minister - Avenue South

[email protected]

Allison Randolph

Deaf Church ASL Interpreter

[email protected]

Amber Kinnett

Editorial Manager - Central Support

[email protected] (615) 324-6201

Amber Speigner

Digital Content Manager

[email protected] 6159484714

Amy Keys

Preschool Minister - Station Hill

[email protected] (615) 850-3115

Amy Weatherholt

Preschool Coordinator

[email protected]

Amy-Jo Girardier

Women's Minister

[email protected] (615) 324-6134

Andy Engberg

Food Service Director - Central Support

[email protected]

Angie Carr Forsythe

Administrative Assistant, Special Needs Ministry

[email protected] 615-324-6102

Angie Gentry

Children's Ministry Coordinator

[email protected]

Angie Thomas

Executive Assistant

[email protected]

Anna Brackins-Gilmore

Student Ministry Assistant

[email protected] 615-324-6288

Anthony Von Dollen

Associate Facilities Manager - Central Support

[email protected] (615) 324-6167

Aric Randolph

Pastor, Brentwood Baptist Deaf Church - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 290-5156

Beryl Corey

Member Care Minister - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6103

Beth Newlin

Kairos Administrative Assistant - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6168

Beth Torrence

Childcare Coordinator

[email protected]

Bill Ferrell

Associate Executive Pastor - North Region

[email protected]

Billy Mahaffey

Discipleship Intern

[email protected]

Brad Cleveland

Music & Worship Minister - West Franklin

[email protected] (615) 850-3175

Brad Smith

Children's Minister - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6148

Brandon Abbott

Connection Minister - Station Hill

[email protected] (615) 324-6157

Brandon Owen

Campus and Teaching Pastor - Harpeth Heights

[email protected] (615) 850-3147

Bremelly Luna

Administrative Assistant - Woodbine

[email protected] (615) 850-3188

Brent Ketring

Pastoral Care Coordinator - Station Hill

[email protected]

Brett Freemon

Missions Minister - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6296

Brian Coates

Executive Pastor – Brentwood Campus

[email protected] 615-324-6244

Brian Scott

Associate Children's Minister

[email protected] (615) 324-6152

Brittany Vernon

Digital Content Manager

[email protected]

Brittany Williams

Mother's Day Out Director - Station Hill

[email protected] (615) 850-3114

Brock Miskelley

Connection Intern

[email protected]

Brooke Todd

Preschool & Kids Director - Lockeland Springs

[email protected]

Bryce Fowler

Executive Assistant to Senior Executive Pastor

[email protected]

Cameron Russell

Ministry Resident

[email protected]

Carley Ellis

Special Needs Ministry Coordinator

[email protected]

Carol Schmid

Account Manager - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 337-3523

Carrie Greening

Worship Production Coordinator - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6285

Casie Dietrich

Administrative Assistant - Station Hill

[email protected] (615) 850-3100

Charley Lowry

Worship Minister - Lockeland Springs

[email protected] (615) 850-3133

Charmaine Huey

Discover Coordinator - Woodbine

[email protected]

Cheryl Buffrey

Deaf Church ASL Interpreter

[email protected]

Chris Blanton

Associate Executive Pastor - South Region

[email protected] (615) 850-3105

Chris Hoppe

Ministry Residency Coordinator

[email protected]

Chris Meece

Associate Media Director - Central Support

[email protected] (615) 850-3109

Cindy Swartz

Associate Records Administrator - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6217

Daphne Toungette

Administrative Assistant

[email protected]

Darby Gilmore

Technical Services Director - Central Support

[email protected] (615) 324-6286

Darrel Girardier

Communications Director - Central Support

[email protected] (615) 324-6243

Dave Edwards

Campus Tech Director - West Franklin

[email protected]

Dave Kruse

Discipleship & Administration Minister - West Franklin

[email protected]

David Alan

David Alan - Central Support

[email protected] 615-324-6175

David Hannah

Campus and Teaching Pastor - Lockeland Springs

dhann[email protected] (615) 850-3132

David Hayes

Facilities Scheduling Coordinator - Central Support

Dawn Bishop

Missions Mobilization Assistant

[email protected]

Debbie Jacobs

Accounts Payable - Central Support

[email protected] (615) 324-6114

Debo Morris

Resource Coordinator - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6158

Dee Compton

Next Gen Administrative Assistant

[email protected]

Dee Parker

Discover Coordinator

[email protected]

Dennis Worley

Lead Worship Minister - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6129

Derek Cressman

Video Producer - Central Support

[email protected]

Dillon Sherlock

Digital Strategy Director

[email protected] (615) 324-6284

Don Crick

Guest Service Coordinator - Brentwood

[email protected]

Donna Anthony

Contributions Accountant - Central Support

[email protected] (615) 324-6170

Donna Gwaltney

Human Resources Director - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6137

Doug Jones

Campus and Teaching Pastor - Woodbine

[email protected] (615)-850-3186

Dustin Bingemer

MDU Operations Manager

[email protected]

Dustin Green

Business Analyst - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6101

Eddie Mosley

Adult Groups Minister - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6251

Elizabeth Anne Lovell

Preschool & Children’s Minister - Central Support

[email protected] (615) 850-3135

Ellie Axford

Special Needs Ministry Coordinator

[email protected]

Emily Rose

Discipleship & Connection Administrative Assistant

[email protected]

Erik Hildner

Associate Facility Manager - Station Hill

[email protected] (615) 850-6450

Evan Kunz

Student Minister for Groups and Leadership

[email protected]

Fady Al-Hagal

Multiplication Minister - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6235

Garrett Gregory

Student Minister - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6249

Hadden Finch

Associate Connection Minister

[email protected]

Hannah Chism

Preschool and Kids Minister - Harpeth Heights

[email protected]

Hunter Melton

Discipleship Minister - Avenue South

[email protected] (615) 513-3994

Jackson DeRose

Discipleship Intern

[email protected]

Jackson Short

Adult Groups Associate Fellow

[email protected]

Jamie Bennett

Missions Finance Assistant - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6105

Jamie Holland

Associate Children's Minister

[email protected]

Jane Carlton

Accounts Payable - Central Support

[email protected] (615) 324-6165

Janet Searcy

Preschool Ministry Coordinator

Jason Fogle

Security Director - Central Support

[email protected]

Jason Gossett

Student Minister

[email protected]

Jay Fennell

Discipleship Minister

[email protected] (615) 324-6275

Jay Inman

Tech Director - Harpeth Heights

[email protected]

Jay Strother

Campus and Teaching Pastor - Station Hill

[email protected] (615) 850-3102

Jenai Johnson

Program Coordinator | Mother's Day Out - Station Hill

[email protected] (615) 850-6414

Jericca Makovicka

HR Generalist

[email protected]

Jessica Weidlich

Administrative Assistant - Avenue South

[email protected]

Jill Hartsfield

Special Needs Programming Director

[email protected] 615-324-6156

Jill VanAusdall

Executive Assistant to Brentwood Region Executive Pastor

[email protected] (615) 324-6293

Jim Vance

Facilities Manager - Central Support

JoEllen Taylor

Missions Minister's Assistant - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6187

John Walker

Next Gen & Student Minister

[email protected]

Josh Lynn

Connection & Missions Minister - West Franklin

[email protected]

Joyce Johnson

Children's Administrative Assistant

[email protected] 615-324-6131

Juan Sali

Discipleship and Care Minister - Station Hill

[email protected] (615) 850-6451

Julie Carter

Connection Administrative Assistant - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6247

Julie Jones

Discover Coordinator - West Franklin

[email protected]

Julie Schafer

North Region Records Administrator

[email protected]

Justin Tweito

Worship Minister

[email protected]

Karen Taylor

Member Development Ministry Assistant

[email protected] (615) 324-6253

Karyn Caldwell

Next Gen & Family Administrative Assistant, Student Administrate Assistant

[email protected] (615) 324-6288

Kathryn St. Vincent

Communications Administrative Assistant

[email protected] (615) 324-6284

Katie Johns

Administrative Assistant

[email protected]

Keith Holloway

Missions Mobilization Minister

[email protected]

Kelli Palmer

Discover Coordinator

[email protected]

Kelsi Lynne Taylor

Preschool & Kids Minister

[email protected]

Ken Corr

Congregational Care Minister - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6169

Kerri Taliaferro

Records Administrator - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6112

Kiersten Wolff

Administrative Assistant - West Franklin

[email protected] (615)850-3170

Kimberly Young

Discover Coordinator - Avenue South

[email protected]

Kitty Montross

Administrative Assistant to Senior Adults and Congregational Care - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6177

Kristen Horne

Preschool Ministry Coordinator

Kristen Patton

Discover Coordinator - Station Hill

[email protected] (615) 850-6413

Kristi Piwko

Account Manager - South Region

[email protected] (404) 698-0456

Kristie Terrell

Administrative Assistant - Harpeth Heights

[email protected] (615) 850-3149

Kylie Jordan

Media Assistant

[email protected]

Lauren Jones

Preschool and Kids Minister - Woodbine

[email protected]

Leigh Ann Swords

Missions Minister - Station Hill

[email protected] (615) 850-3110

Leslie Atkins

Administrative Assistant, Preschool

[email protected]

Leslie Todd

Congregational Care Coordinator - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6109

Linc Taylor

Next Gen and Family Minister - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6144

Lindsay Gordon

Next Gen & Student Minister - West Franklin

[email protected] (615) 655-3737

Lisa Francisco

Executive Director of Central Support - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6130

Luke Roman

Worship Minister - Station Hill

[email protected] (615) 850-6159

Lynda Carter

Worship Assistant - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6128

Madeline Boutwell

Multiplication Administrative Assistant

[email protected]

Madi Wuebben

Promotions Director

[email protected]

Mallory Nall

Graphic Designer - Central Support

[email protected] (615) 324-6121

Mary Beth Walton

Administrative Assistant - Woodbine

[email protected] (615) 833-5870

Matt Pearson

West Franklin Campus and Teaching Pastor - West Franklin

[email protected] (615) 850-3170

Matt Purdom

Adult Groups Associate

[email protected] (615) 324-6246

Matthew Burris

Digital Content Manager

[email protected]

Matthew Wang

Pastor, Chinese Congregation

[email protected] 913-669-9101

Megan Ladd

Missions & Connections Minister

[email protected]

Melissa Hamilton

Brentwood Young Children's School Director - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6161

Michael Boggs

Kairos Worship Minister - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6266

Michael Milligan

Tech Director – Avenue South

[email protected]

Michele Dyer

Member Development Minister

[email protected] (615) 324-6250

Mignon Camp Dooley

Brentwood Young Children's School Assistant Director - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6117

Mike Glenn

Senior Pastor - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6127

Mike Harder

Pastor, Kairos

[email protected]

Mike Lawrence

Worship Instrumental Minister - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6139

Nastasia Klump

Adult Groups Administrative Assistant - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6119

Oksana Viyuk

Worship Minister - Harpeth Heights

[email protected]

Paul Wilkinson

Adult Groups Associate Minister - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6106

Rachel Baker

Music & Worship Production Coordinator - Station Hill

Rachel Cunningham

Special Needs Coordinator

[email protected]

Rebecca Moss

Children's Worship Coordinator

[email protected]

Renee Blain

Associate Preschool Minister

[email protected]

Roger Severino

Minister of Leadership Development

[email protected] (615) 324-6132

Sabrina Blaes

Childcare Coordinator

[email protected] 615.850.3106

Sarah Caskey

Administrative Assistant

[email protected]

Sarah Nichols

Preschool Ministry Coordinator

Scott Hodgin

Connection Minister - Harpeth Heights

[email protected]

Sharon Fairchild

Mission Journey Minister - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6245

Shawn Gough

Tech Director

[email protected]

Sheila Davey

Controller - Central Support

[email protected] (615) 324-6111

Stan Breeden

Senior Executive Pastor

[email protected] (615) 324-6107

Stephanie Prince

Kairos Connection Minister - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6281

Steve Wilkinson

Ministry Resident

[email protected]

Steven Wald

Associate Multiplication Minister - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6174

Susan Foster

Discipleship and Missions Minister - Harpeth Heights

[email protected] (615) 850-3148

Susan Marshall

Deaf Church Administrative Assistant - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 290-5156

Susan Nicholas

Contributions Accountant - Central Support

[email protected] (615) 324-6147

Sydnee Saucedo

Deaf Church Administrative Assistant - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 290-5017

Taylor Johnson

Next Gen Minister + Children's Minister - Station Hill

[email protected] (615) 850-6416

Tiffany McCullough

Special Needs Minister

[email protected] (615) 324-6180

Tim Morris

Video Producer

[email protected]

Todd Bishop

Connection Minister - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6163

Todd Villemont

Preschool Minister - Brentwood

[email protected]

Tracy Cowan

Facilities Administrative Assistant - Central Support

[email protected] (615) 324-6219

Travis Cottrell

Worship Minister

[email protected]

Travis Patton

Worship Associate Minister - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6135

Vicki Howell

Community Missions Minister - Brentwood

[email protected] (615) 324-6258

Victoria Garrett

Account Manager - North Region

[email protected] (404) 660-6735

Wade Owens

Campus & Teaching Pastor

[email protected] (615) 324-6462

Wes Banks

Missions Minister - Woodbine

[email protected] 615.833.5870