A Living Love Story

May 24, 2021

1 Boaz went to the gate of the town and sat down there. Soon the family redeemer Boaz had spoken about came by. Boaz said, “Come over here and sit down.” So he went over and sat down. 2 Then Boaz took ten men of the town’s elders and said, “Sit here.” And they sat down. 3 He said to the redeemer, “Naomi, who has returned from the territory of Moab, is selling the portion of the field that belonged to our brother Elimelech. 4 I thought I should inform you: Buy it back in the presence of those seated here and in the presence of the elders of my people. If you want to redeem it, do it. But if you do not want to redeem it, tell me so that I will know, because there isn’t anyone other than you to redeem it, and I am next after you.” “I want to redeem it,” he answered. 5 Then Boaz said, “On the day you buy the field from Naomi, you will acquire Ruth the Moabitess, the wife of the deceased man, to perpetuate the man’s name on his property.” 6 The redeemer replied, “I can’t redeem it myself, or I will ruin my own inheritance. Take my right of redemption, because I can’t redeem it.”

Ruth 4:1-6

Written by Dr. Brad Hicks from the Brentwood Campus

Everyone loves a good love story. It is especially true when the drama builds and the couple in love faces challenges to their relationship. Often a young lady is noticed by an eligible young man, and they want to plan a marriage. Sometimes family relationships and overly engaged parents, or others, interfere with their plans.

Today we are looking at the love story of Ruth and Boaz. Ruth’s mother-in-law Naomi lost her husband to death. Jewish tradition named a kinsman-redeemer who had the right to property left to Naomi, but he was required to marry her daughter-in-law Ruth. When the assigned redeemer refused, Boaz willingly became Ruth’s redeemer and married her. Ruth, cried out for “protection.” Boaz responded to her as God does to us when we realize we are lost and need redemption from sin: “don’t be afraid.” That reminds us that, even when we cannot see God, we can hear Him. The reason Ruth overcame her fear was that she knew the person, power, and provision of her protector. Boaz made a promise to be a blessing to Ruth’s life: “I will do for you all you ask.” When we realize we need to be redeemed from our sinful lives, God responds to us in the way Boaz did to Ruth. Boaz had a plan for Ruth. He willingly chose to redeem her and take her for his wife.

God had a plan for Ruth and Boaz, and He has a plan to give you eternal life. You can live in God’s love story. Jesus, like Boaz, stepped into your world and wants to become your Redeemer. Like Ruth, you must choose to accept Jesus’ offer. He already paid your sin debt. He promises protection, payment for your sins, and a place with Him in Heaven forever. Trust Jesus to be your Redeemer just as Ruth trusted Boaz. Ask Him to be your Redeemer today.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Have you accepted Jesus’ offer to redeem you from your sin?
  2. Are you willing to serve Jesus like Ruth was to serve Boaz?
  3. Will you pray and ask for Jesus’ assurance of your salvation today?

Missions Prayer
Pray for the staff and volunteers of Hope for the World Partner ministry GraceWorks, that God provides resources to serve the growing demand during this uncertain time, and that their neighbors find the spiritual solace they need through its ministries.