When Does Love Make You Whole?

Mike Glenn

In Wonderment

When I was young, electronics seemed to fascinate everyone in my hometown. (I guess that was normal.) For most of us, our fathers worked at Redstone Arsenal in some aspect of NASA or the Army Missile Command. Wires, tools, and all kinds of gizmos seemed to fill up each of our garages. All that we could learn to do and accomplish with only a few batteries and wires fascinated us to no end.

Our first invention was connecting a light bulb to a battery, watching the light turn on and off whenever we completed the circuit. That was the secret to working with electricity. But the electricity didn’t do anything if the circuit was broken.

In Wholeness

So, when does love make you whole? It works in the same way as electricity—if the circuit isn’t completed, love doesn’t go anywhere.

In the Great Commandment, Jesus gives us the circuit of love (Matthew 22:36-40). Love flows from God to us. Then, it flows from us to our neighbors. From there, it all flows back to God again in praise and worship. So, if any part of this circuit is broken, love doesn’t go anywhere.

On Mission

As we continue walking with Jesus, we’re going to experience this whole circuit of love. We will discover what it means to love God with our whole selves and how to live our lives the whole way—to give ourselves fully to living for Christ in our world.

Love God. And love yourself. And love each other. Remember, you have to complete the circuit. If anything breaks the circuit, nothing works. Let’s find out why the circuit is broken. We must set out to repair and rewire the broken things in our midst. Our world needs all the love the Father is sending.