Store Up Goodness In Your Heart

Marcia Akers

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Not long ago, I was feeling overwhelmed by my commitments to my family, community, and the church. I was wondering how I could add some time and reduce stress.

As I pondered this, a friend reminded me of the truth found in Luke 6:45 which tells us that good people bring good things to others from the goodness stored up in their hearts.

To Store Up Goodness

So the larger question I asked myself was, “How do I store up goodness?”

One way I do that is through the time I spend singing with the Worship Choir here at church. Of course it takes a time commitment, and I find myself doubting my ability to sing the right notes and do the right things at the right time in the choir loft.

Filled with Great Joy

The thing is that after a rehearsal, concert, or worship service I always come away filled with the joy that only God’s Spirit can give me. The members of the Worship Choir are so diverse: all ages and backgrounds, all degrees of talent and spiritual gifts. Each one treats the other as family. We pray for each other, we laugh together, and we serve wholeheartedly to glorify God as best we can.

Summer break for the Choir is almost over, and I am so excited to get started back again. I’m ready to sing and to recharge my spiritual battery!