Campus Renovations: The Church at West Franklin

Greetings from Pastor Matt!

Hey, everyone! My name is Matt Pearson, and I’m the campus and teaching pastor here at The Church at West Franklin. Here at West Franklin, we’re in the middle of renovations. We’re wanting to redo the outside of our building, redo our worship center, and redo our fellowship hall.

Our Heart Behind The Renovations

Currently, we are painting the outside of our building, so hopefully, when people drive by on Highway 96, they will notice the building. Hopefully, it’ll pop! The worship center is being renovated as I speak. We hope to be back in there by mid-to-late February. Then, the fellowship hall will be renovated. We hope to have everything completed by Easter 2022.

Thank You for Giving

We’re able to do this because of your generosity. Brentwood Baptist Church and all her campuses—your faithful giving so that the gospel can go forth here in Middle Tennessee matters. I believe that because we have an excellent facility that looks like we care about our facilities, people will be more attracted to the gospel, hopefully having a gospel-centered experience when they enter through our doors.

Thank you for giving, and thank you for caring about gospel ministry going forth.