The True Blessing of Generosity

Christmas is the season of giving. We often buy one another presents to show how much we value each other. However, the most cherished gift is witnessing your generosity inspiring more generosity in a never-ending cycle. And, that’s exactly what is happening through your giving.


Hope for The World Partners

One of our partners, Tennessee Baptist Children’s Homes, provides Bible-based, Christ-centered, residential foster and family care. Bil Gardner, the Communications Specialist of Tennessee Baptist Children’s Homes, mentions:


“The homes of TBCH each have their own holiday traditions, from annual parties hosted by supporting churches, to making ornaments and special favorite meals for the children. House parents at our campuses try to make Christmas a special time for the kids, many of whom are missing their families or have never celebrated in a Christian home before.

Several of our homes and families participate in Operation Christmas Child every year. A few of our young men, who are in hard places of their own, were excited to fill shoeboxes for other children. With this simple gesture, these young men are supporting an effort to reach children around the world with hope and the good news of Jesus Christ.”


The true blessing of generosity is finding out that you are part of a greater story of giving. It’s a picture that started with our heavenly Father as He gave the world His son, Jesus Christ. The story continued when Christ gave His life for sinners so that we could live. And, the message of generosity still lives on today through His Spirit—the gift of His presence—who dwells inside believers. Once we receive His gift, we can then share His love with others in both practical and tangible ways.


So, how do you fit in the story of generosity? By giving to the church budget, you are pouring life into our Hope for the World partners, keeping the cycle of generosity going and engaging others with the whole gospel. May we never forget where generosity started, and may we never let it stop with us.