Walking on Mission

April 12, 2021

13 Now that same day two of them were on their way to a village called Emmaus, which was about seven miles from Jerusalem. 14 Together they were discussing everything that had taken place. 15 And while they were discussing and arguing, Jesus himself came near and began to walk along with them. 16 But they were prevented from recognizing him. 17 Then he asked them, “What is this dispute that you’re having with each other as you are walking?” And they stopped walking and looked discouraged.

Luke 24:13-17

Written by Susan Foster from the Harpeth Heights Campus

After the crucifixion, many of those who had followed Jesus, those to whom He had specifically given revelation regarding His death and resurrection, were sad, gloomy, confused, scattered, terrified, crushed, isolated and distracted from His mission and purpose for them. They missed His presence, direction and guidance, and their feelings and fears were overwhelming them.

In our reading today, we encounter two disciples of Jesus who had come to Jerusalem for the Passover. These men couldn’t make sense of the events of holy week, so they were returning to their homes, about seven miles from Jerusalem. As they went along their journey, they talked about all that had taken place.

Picture in your mind two friends starting their journey home on resurrection Sunday and missing the whole point of the resurrection! They were talking about all that had happened, discussing and arguing about it. They were so focused on their conversation that they didn’t even notice Jesus himself walking near them.

In this scene, Jesus models for us a way to live on mission with others. First, He walks close to them. He is near, listening to them talk, taking in all that is going on with these two men. He shows us how listening is essential for understanding where someone is in their walk with Christ and life. We too need to be with people, listening to them and being slow to speak.

Then, at just the right moment, Jesus turns the tide by asking them a question. “What is this dispute you are having with each other as you are walking?” This question demands their attention. It causes them to literally stop in their tracks. Asking good questions is an important part of discipleship and living on mission. We too must ask intentional and strategic questions to help others look for themselves at who they are, where their thoughts are focused and what they believe.

As we go throughout this week, may we all continue to walk on mission as we listen and ask intentional questions to help others draw closer to Jesus!

Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Who in your life are you walking close to who has yet to know Jesus?
  2. Are you a good listener? Ask God to show you who needs you to listen to them.
  3. Where in your life have you been a distracted disciple?

Missions Prayer
Pray for unreached people in Europe to meet a Christian who will share the gospel with them. There are 303 unreached people groups in Europe. The unreached people group (UPG) landscape is changing there as tens of thousands of people from unreached areas of the world immigrate to European countries. Pray for the church in Europe to be bold, strong, and loving, and that European Christians will seek opportunities to build relationships and share the gospel with those who don’t have a relationship with Jesus.

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