West Franklin Building Update

Greetings from West Franklin

Hey, everyone. My name is Matt Pearson, and I’m the campus and teaching pastor here at The Church at West Franklin. I am thrilled to share this West Franklin building update and to report that the renovations of our building are finally complete! We’ve been able to redo and paint the outside of the building. We’ve totally renovated the Worship Center of the sanctuary, and we recently completed the renovations in the Fellowship Hall.

Impacting Middle Tennessee

I cannot tell you the energy that just the renovations bring. The vibe is totally different on our campus. So not only are we able to have energy in the room, but I believe it’s already making an impact to those living outside of these walls who are noticing things.

I believe it will be used to help us reach more people for Christ.

Thank You, Church

I want to thank you—for your support, for praying for us, and for your generosity that allows us to do something like this. And I’m here to tell you it makes a difference. So thank you.

Come see us and check this West Franklin building update out for yourself real soon.