How to Prepare for Your Ministry Calling

What’s Next for You?

Brentwood Baptist Church’s Ministry Residency program is a two-year ministry experience that equips and encourages leaders for vocational ministry and kingdom advancement. This experience prepares the next generation of Christian leaders to lead the church effectively through cohort learning environments, mentored supervision, and experiential ministry. Listen to these words from our ministry residents on how to prepare for your ministry calling.

Words from Our Residents

“The Brentwood residency has been a great opportunity for me because it not only allowed me to invest in a local body and be able to utilize my giftings and talents I had already experienced. It has also given me opportunities to preach within our local congregations and campuses at Brentwood Baptist.” – Truett Ross

“Some of the opportunities I have had as a resident have been learning under genuinely core-class leaders. These are people who are masters of their craft and have been doing it for a long time. More importantly, they are people who are faithful believers and faithful pastors.” – Cameron Russell

“One of the biggest benefits that I have received is getting poured into by so many people with experience. Serving with someone like Fady [Al-Hagal] has been amazing and has really rubbed off on me in a huge way. My heart has gone beyond just the idea of just planting a church to being a part of something that’s even greater than that.” – Evan Oxford

“The hands-on mentoring that I have received from the ministers here in my track has been something that you can’t buy; can’t get anywhere else.” – Mary Padgett

“I would recommend the residency to people who: (1) you feel called to ministry, and (2) I would say people who are already pursuing ministry even though you may not have an actual vocational role in ministry right now, but where God has you now – you’re pursuing ministry.” – Steve Wilkinson

“The Brentwood residency program is going to be for someone that is ready and willing to continue to learn, engage in discussion, and not be afraid of allowing others to pour into them and learn something new.” – Evan Oxford

“The Ministry Residency program is for anybody who feels a calling to ministry and anyone that feels like they could be equipped better within a community environment. You’re learning within community and being developed in community as well.” – Truett Ross

“You’re going to get things that you cannot learn in seminary. You are going to get hands-on experience and the opportunity to learn from ministers who have been in ministry longer than I have even been alive! So, if you’re considering working in the church at all, you should definitely consider the residency program here at Brentwood.” – Mary Padgett