3 Ways We’re Partnering to Pursue Middle Tennessee

Pursuing Middle Tennessee

Middle Tennessee is one of the most sought after destinations. At Brentwood Baptist Church, you and I can be part of pursuing the people who are moving here. Our goal is to plant and partner with 100 healthy congregations as we share the gospel anywhere, anytime, with anybody.

That’s what His Holy Hill Church is doing, and we have partnered with them to pursue Middle Tennessee together.

1. Raising Up Leaders

I feel like my calling actually came as being a very integral part of the local church, and I remember as a college student always asking the Lord, “What would you have me do with my life?” The Acts 9 experience that Paul had when he says, “Who are you, Lord? And what would you have me do?” For many years, I was just asking that same question.

From there, I felt the Lord just calling me out to cultivate vessels for Him. And I felt the way the Lord interpreted that to me was actually to raise the leaders through disciple-making.

2. Crossing Divides for The Gospel

We felt within our spirit that the Lord asked us to begin where we were. That was how we started. We planted His Holy Hill in 2014. I remember when we planted His Holy Hill, we had a vision from the Lord that we want to be able to see a church in Middle Tennessee that reflects heaven on earth in terms of diversity.

To the glory of God by His providence and sovereignty, too, has helped us to be able to cross over racial divides and have people who are local and people who have moved here from all the nations. MTSU is a mission field for us, and that has actually been an inroad for us to be able to serve the least of others in our city.

We believe that’s one of the reasons why God has planted us here where we are in Murfreesboro, to be able to be part of the awakening that God is doing through the ministry of prayer and to see revival break out in Middle Tennessee.

3. Believing for Even More

We are so grateful that we can glean from the wisdom of Brentwood Baptist, the leadership of Pastor Mike Glenn, and everyone and all the resources that are made available for us. 

I remember the first pastors’ gathering that we had. That was the first real gathering I had with other pastors right after COVID-19 began, so that was such a blessing on the platform of this partnership. It’s definitely more of a brotherly relationship for us, so thank you.

Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for your commitment to the gospel. Your seeds are actually bringing about a great harvest. The beautiful thing about God is this: The fact that the best of God is never behind us; the best of God is always ahead of us.

So, we are being born for such a time as this. 

To learn more about how we are pursuing Middle Tennessee, visit PursueTN.com.