The Cost of Faithfulness

Sarah Caskey

Paying Your Dues

The concept of “paying one’s dues” is a notion that I’m sure most of us are really quite familiar with. You oftentimes have to endure a season of less-than-ideal circumstances in order to get to the thing that you want, whether it be in your job field or in the simple act of gaining experience in something.

There’s some sort of investment that must first occur—you have to have your startup capital as an entrepreneur, or you must first endure a season of training and conditioning as an athlete. Regardless of the context in which this “pay up” situation takes place, paying your dues or biding your time is never really an enjoyable task to complete. It is, however, necessary for whatever the next season is to come.

For the Joy that Lay Before Him

Hebrews 12:2 tells us that Jesus—who served both as our great sacrifice and great example of how to live life as those belonging to the Father—had to endure trials, temptations, and suffering in His life just as you and I do. The Word states that Jesus “endured the cross, despising the shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” He likewise made a way for us as His followers to be able to endure whatever the cost may be for us to follow Him in our own lives.

Faithfulness is Worth It

It cost Jesus everything to fulfill His mission here on the earth, and similarly, faithfulness to Christ’s call will inevitably cost us the same.

We must remember that it was for the joy that lay before Him that Christ took up His cross. Though we are not yet living in the fullness of life everlasting, we must actively await its promise as we surrender ourselves to His call. The promise of eternity is sweet, but we absolutely can’t afford to overlook the investments and costs of faithfully following the Lord, no matter what the price may be. Because in the end, He’s worth it all.