So, I Have A Confession to Make

Sarah Caskey

Confess What?

The discipline of confession is one that we really, really like to skip past and on over and through. For the majority of our society, we are quite uncomfortable with vulnerability. You mean I have to get completely honest with these people? Most of us would rather run in the complete opposite direction. While the act of confessing our sins is no doubt something required of healthy and honest Biblical community, there’s something else we have to figure out how to confess, too.

In Confusion, In Confession, In Community

It is in Luke 24 where we see a couple of travelers engaging in conversation with all their burdens, doubts, and questions about Jesus. These guys seem to be in the midst of a sad, strenuous mental wrestling match. They are compacted and confounded by their confusion on who exactly Christ was and how His course of action was not in alignment with their expectations of the Messiah.

But in verse 15, as these guys are “discussing and arguing, Jesus himself came near and began to walk along with them.” It’s amazing how Jesus is in their midst, and they don’t even know it. He meets them right where they were, as they are already going on their not-so-merry way. Also, these two travelers aren’t in automatic, 100% agreement in the discussion. Yet Jesus still makes an appearance here.

Here, Christ Appears

Surprisingly, Scripture doesn’t hide that fact that the two men are sad and confused (verse 17). They’ve heard so many different things about Jesus and aren’t sure which way is up anymore. But it’s in this conversation where the Savior appears to them in their midst—unbeknownst to themselves—listening, asking good questions, and journeying alongside them, that they get closer and closer to the Word of truth.

It’s our own ugly conversations like these where truth will surface. This is where our struggles, confusions, and uncertainties are exposed in the midst of our confessing and unburdening. And this is the place where the Lord uses those around us to lead us closer to the light.