Nolensville Regional Campus Vote: June 11 And 18

Reaching the Nolensville Community

The city of Nolensville is one of the most rapid growing communities in all of Tennessee. New schools and neighborhoods are being built to accommodate the growth. As more and more people move to the area, there will be a greater opportunity to reach more individuals and families with the life-changing gospel of Jesus.

That’s one of the reasons Brentwood Baptist Church is voting to establish a regional campus in Nolensville.

To Reach The Community at Home

There are many members of Brentwood Baptist who already live, work, and play in and around Nolensville. Several LIFE Groups have been meeting for the last few years in homes and local businesses.

In addition to being Adult Minister–Groups for the Brentwood campus, Jay Fennell also lives in Nolensville. He explains, “There are a lot of people that attend Brentwood Baptist that live in Nolensville that love their community, and they want to make a difference here. They’re excited about the potential of a campus here. They want to reach out to their neighbors and they want to minister to people and they want to meet needs. They want to love, and they want to bless, and they want to serve.”

For the Sake of the Gospel

A Nolensville regional campus would provide the leadership and support to help these members, and those who will join the church in the coming years, reach the people of Nolensville—both those who are already there and those who will be moving to the area—with the gospel.

Voting on this potential new campus in Nolensville will take place on June 11 and 18 in all services on the six campuses of Brentwood Baptist Church. Learn more at