How You Can Help During Hurricane Dorian

Scott Harris

Because of Your Faithful Giving

Over the years, Brentwood Baptist Church has responded to multiple disasters—the Asian Tsunami of 2004, Katrina in 2005, the Nashville Flood in 2010, and recent Hurricanes Harvey, Maria, and Michael.

Thanks to your generous giving, we have released $50,000 this week to Baptist Global Response for Hurricane Dorian recovery efforts in the Bahamas. Moving forward, we will monitor opportunities to respond in a more hands-on way in the coming days and weeks.

Ways to Be of Service

In the meantime, our ongoing rebuilding efforts on the Caribbean island of Dominica continue. Contact us for more information on upcoming Mission Journey teams.

In disasters such as this, people often want to do something immediately. We have learned that our most significant contribution typically comes later. Our opportunity for hands-on involvement will come in time.

How You Can Pray

For now, please pray. Pray for victims, first responders, and for the church. In times like this, our world looks to the united church to be on the cutting edge of providing sustenance and care. Should you feel led to make a gift towards our church’s response, click here.

May these natural disasters remind us to seize every opportunity with an urgency to share the gospel with the lost, the hungry, and the displaced among our neighbors and nations.