Holiness Is The Gentle Touch That Saves

Amber Kinnett

God is holy.

How can we even begin to describe the One who is like no other? Fully God, yet somehow, fully man. The formless One conformed to the constructs of a body. He chose mere flesh to cover His own sovereign hand. Precisely fashioned and masterfully crafted, it was good for the invisible to have skin in the game. Full surrender within His own divinity, His very blood being the ultimate price for grace. Thank God, holiness is the gentle touch that saves.

What better gift to offer than Himself?

He was God. He is God. And He will forever be the One, who set the universe into existence and reaches out to fully embrace the heart of humanity. He heals the lost, the sick, and the broken. He redeems the most vulnerable parts of prayers unspoken. Like the shadow’s first response to the light, the night in me makes way for all that’s right.

I stand in awe and bow in wonder.

With every soul that trusts in Him, the God of heaven takes on flesh–over and over–again and again. How can it be that the holiness I see now lives inside of me? Thank you, God–Your holiness is the gentle touch that saves.