Answering the Call: Ellie and Leon’s Story

When Leon and Ellie Dowling sold their business, they faced a significant question: What next?

Rather than opting for a life of leisure, they felt compelled to explore something deeper. Reflecting on his past success, Leon articulated a desire to redirect his energy towards ministry: “I want to channel all that energy into serving.” This marked a turning point in their lives.

Their involvement in children’s and student ministry opened their eyes to the profound impact of service. Leon vividly recalls the baptism of his son in 2015, a moment that solidified their commitment to serving God as a family. They realized a longing for lives dedicated to pursuits of eternal significance. “We wanted our lives to have lasting meaning,” Ellie shared.

So they said yes to wherever the Lord would call them.

Last year, their yes led them to Thailand and Vancouver, where they selflessly engaged in serving others. They served missionaries and ministers, led worship and teaching sessions, and encouraged and prayed for others wherever the Lord called.

“Christ equips you with the Holy Spirit to navigate uncomfortable situations.”

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