5 Significant Values That Will Influence Your Mission

Values are the principles that each person lives by. They make up the substance of our actions and are the stepping stones to our future. In order for Christians to fulfill all that God has for them, the values that they live by need to align with the truths of His Word.

At Brentwood Baptist, our mission is to:

Engage the whole person with the whole gospel of Jesus Christ anywhere, anytime, with anybody.

And, our vision is to:

Pursue 10,000 disciples who are making other disciples, initiate 500,000 gospel conversations (sharing what we know about Jesus), and create 100 healthy congregations in Middle Tennessee and beyond.

We truly believe that the calling on our church will only be accomplished by holding to our Christian values, showing the world what the love of God really looks like.

Below you will find five values that our church is grounded upon. As you read through them, think about the ways that these same values can be exemplified in your own life and how it can influence what you are called to do.

1. The Gospel First and Always (Romans 1:16)

We believe the gospel has the power to save, bring purpose, and give hope to any person’s life. That’s why we will always prioritize Jesus and His gospel. Whether we’re gathering together on a Sunday morning or we’re in the community, the gospel is a part of every we do. Like the apostle Paul, we aren’t ashamed of Jesus and the work He has done.

2. Uniquely Called (Psalm 139:14-16)

In God’s wisdom and grace, He created each person with special gifts, abilities, passions, and talents for the purpose of bringing the good news of Jesus to the people around us. He designed the church to be filled with unique and diverse indiviuals who are willing to work together to make disciples of Jesus. As King David did, we will rejoice in the God who created us fearfully and wonderfully.

3. Intentional Innovation (Mark 2:1-2)

We take seriously our responsibility to steward God’s people and His resources for His glory. We have a strategic plan to align all people and point them in the same direction throughout all of our campuses. We also celebrate the work God is doing through our lay leaders, who have creative and personal ways of connecting people to Jesus. Like the story of the four friends who carried the paralytic through a roof, we also desire to create a church culture with the same passion and intentional motivations.

4. Crossing Cultures (Genesis 12:1)

We believe the whole gospel of Jesus is for all people. Right here in Middle Tennessee, we have the opportunity to reach people from all backgrounds, ages, and races. And, we are committed to reaching all people–no matter who they are and where their story began. Until we reach the ends of the earth, we will do whatever it takes to make sure everyone hears the good news of Jesus. As Abraham did, we will step out of our comfort zones to go where the Lord leads and meet new people who need His grace.

5. Multiplication Matters (Matthew 28:19)

When one person hears the story of Jesus, that person then repeats His story. And, the process continues on and on. Our church values disciples making more disciples, groups forming more groups, and churches forming more churches so that the good news of Christ will be spread across the entire world. We will live by the Great Commission, multiplying for His glory and His name’s renown.