Letter from Senior Pastor, Mike Glenn

Dear Brentwood Baptist Church:

Knowing that this day would come doesn’t make it any easier now that it has arrived. Today, I want to announce to you that 2023 will be my last year as the senior pastor of Brentwood Baptist Church. Thirty-two years — by any standard — is an amazing run, and I’m grateful for every minute.

But the time has come for someone else to lead BBC into the future that I’m convinced God has for our church.

First, I want you to understand that this is my decision and my decision alone. No one, either in the congregation or among our leadership, has suggested or exerted any force to make me step down. This decision comes after months of prayer and a deep love for you. No one loves this church more than I do.

Second, I need to spend more time working with pastors, church planters, and leaders in Middle Tennessee. I want to work with churches to plant new churches and re-purpose churches in changing communities. The most fun I have right now is working with our campus pastors. I want to do more of this.

The trustees and I have been anticipating this transition for several months. They will be making more announcements about the process of finding a new pastor over the next few weeks. I’m committed to working with our trustees to ensure an orderly and Spirit-led transition.

In the meantime, we’ll walk through 2023 together and enter the future excited to see where God is leading me, our team, and our church.

Letter from the Brentwood Baptist Trustees

Dear church family,

As Trustees, we have had the special opportunity to come alongside Mike as he has sought God’s guidance in understanding what’s next. Through prayer, discussion, and unity of spirit, we share in Mike’s excitement and confidence about what God has in store for him and our church.

Please know that the church and Mike are in a strong and healthy position to begin this transition and continue the church’s mission and vision.

We are grateful that Mike will take on a new role centered around guiding and developing the Engage Church Network. He is a valuable resource for our church and will continue to offer his wisdom, experience, and vision. One thing has been clear in our work surrounding this transition, Mike loves you and our church, and there is much work God is calling us to do.

We will share updates on the process for a new senior pastor in the coming months. Our church bylaws outline the steps for this process, and ultimately, the church body will decide on the Trustees’ recommendation. Please keep an eye out for these updates, and do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

Right now, our focus is on celebrating and honoring Mike and all that God has accomplished through him at our church, as well as looking forward to what is yet to come.

The Search Process

1. Initiating

After serving as Senior Pastor for over 30 years, Mike Glenn has decided to enter a transition out of this role. This decision was made solely by Mike and in close consultation with his Trustee sub-team and shared with the full Trustees to allow for proper preparation, planning, and prayer

2. Discerning

According to our bylaws, the Trustees appoint an ad hoc team to recommend the next Senior Pastor. This team is composed of Trustees and other key lay leaders selected from a variety of our campuses.

3. Recommending

Once the ad hoc team has a recommended candidate, the Trustees will review the recommendation and decide whether to approve and recommend the candidate to the full church for consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is our Senior Pastor right now?

Mike Glenn is our Senior Pastor until he transitions out of the role, likely toward the end of 2023. We will communicate a firmer timeline as the Lord’s plans for our next Senior Pastor evolve.

Was this a sudden decision?

No. This decision came from many months of prayer and discernment regarding his next phase of ministry with Brentwood Baptist. Mike has also been in close communication with his Trustee sub-team regarding what God has next for his ministry.

Where is Mike Glenn going?

Mike Glenn will still be a part of the Brentwood Baptist family. Mike is excited about the launch of the Engage Church Network and is taking an active role in shaping its future. Mike will share details of what is next for him as he gets closer to transitioning out of the Senior Pastor role.

Will we have an opportunity to celebrate Mike Glenn’s ministry as Senior Pastor?

Yes! Throughout 2023, we will have multiple opportunities to celebrate and commemorate Mike Glenn’s ministry as Senior Pastor.

Who is on the Team tasked with recommending the next Senior Pastor?

The Trustees have appointed the following church members to this team, representing a diversity of campuses, leadership roles, and perspectives:

  • Joey Moss, Trustee Chair (2022/2023) – Brentwood Campus
  • Randy Overton, Trustee Vice Chair (2022/2023) – West Franklin Campus
  • Donna Keel, Trustee Secretary (2022) – Woodbine Campus
  • Jeff Kauppila, Staff Resource Team Chair (2022) – Brentwood Campus
  • Buck Thompson, Deacon Chair (2022) – Brentwood Campus
  • Alan Pulfrey, Former Trustee Chair – Station Hill Campus
  • Betty Wiseman, Former Trustee – Brentwood Campus
  • Donna Taylor, Former Finance Ministry Team – Brentwood Campus

How does the search process work?

Our by-laws outline the search process as follows:
9.4 Succession of the Senior Pastor. The senior pastor shall be called by the Church based upon a vote in accordance with Sections 6.1(a) and 6.7(d). In the event of a vacancy in the position, the Trustees, after consultation with the appropriate church leadership, shall appoint a search committee to seek a suitable senior pastor. The search committee shall function as an ad hoc committee assigned to follow the scope and timeline established by the Trustees. The Trustees shall bring for consideration of the Church only one nominee at a time.

How do I know what to pray for?

Pray for these four things:

    1. The Trustees and the process. Pray for wisdom and unity.
    2. For Mike – thanking and praising the Lord for the good work and fruit the Lord has given us during Mike’s leadership.
    3. Our next Senior Pastor. Pray for him and his family as God stirs their hearts to come to us. Pray for their transition to us and their future ministry with us.
    4. Our congregation. Pray that we will be open to this new chapter in our church’s history. Pray that individuals, families, and ministries will be in a healthy place to embrace this upcoming change. Pray that people would engage with, pray for, and embrace God’s plan for our future.

How do I stay updated on the progress of the search?

Text “search” to 623623 to be notified when this page is updated with the latest information. We will also give updates through our weekly emails and Sunday bulletins.

What is the search team focusing on when looking for a Senior Pastor?

As we navigate this transition in leadership, it’s important to note that this is only the second time in our church’s history that we have gone through this process. However, we benefit from drawing on the precedent set by our founding pastor, Bill Wilson, and the successful transition of leadership from Mike as his successor.

We are also blessed to have a talented and prayerful congregation committed to following the leading of the Holy Spirit and staying centered on Christ. This, combined with our rich history, provides a strong foundation for our search process and a clear focus on finding a God-gifted and ordained Senior Pastor for our church.

When was Mike Glenn's transition announced?

Mike Glenn announced his transition on January 15, 2023.

How do I contact the search team?

You can contact the search team by emailing us at [email protected].

What is the timeline for the search?

While there is no definitive timeline for the search, we believe that the Lord will guide us quickly to what He has in store for us next and allow for a timely but measured transition to occur in 2023.

Our Trustees have been blessed to have worked closely with Mike before his announcement to the church. This has allowed our leadership to begin praying, planning, and working through the process of selecting the next Senior Pastor. The Trustees recognize this is a delicate process and are committed to approaching it with care and sensitivity.

How can I vote?

When the Trustees are ready to present the church with the recommended candidate, we will notify church members at least one week before the upcoming vote. Keep in mind that only church members can vote. If you are not a church member, enroll in one of our Discover Classes to learn more about church membership.