The Transformative Power of Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School, VBS, at Brentwood Baptist is more than just a week of fun for children; it’s a profound opportunity for young hearts to encounter the Gospel. Last year alone, we witnessed the transformative power of God’s word in the lives of many, with over 1000 children attending and 40 kids making a decision to follow Jesus! This was only possible through the dedication of 395 volunteers and the support of our church community, who engaged in 204 Gospel conversations.

Meet Brecken, one of the kids who attended VBS last year. Through the activities and teachings at VBS, decided to confess his faith and trust in Jesus as his Savior. His excitement to declare his new-found faith and the potential to inspire others is exactly why VBS is crucial.

As we look forward to another year at VBS, here are three ways you can be a part of this life-changing experience:

  1. PRAY. Prayer is the backbone of our ministry. We ask you to pray for the children who will be attending VBS this year. Pray for their hearts to be receptive to the Gospel, and for the Holy Spirit to work powerfully through all the activities and conversations.
  2. VOLUNTEER. Your hands and heart can make a direct impact. We encourage you to sign up as a volunteer, whether it’s leading a group, assisting with setup and teardown, or helping behind the scenes. Each role is vital in facilitating an environment where children can safely learn and grow in their faith. Volunteer with us.
  3. INVITE. Do you know a child who could benefit from VBS? Perhaps a neighbor, a coworker’s kids, or a family member? Extend an invitation and share the joy and learning that VBS offers. Your invitation could be the bridge to someone’s life-changing encounter with Christ.