The Great Unpuzzling

Sarah Caskey

What’s The Big Picture? 

I’m honestly terrible at completing puzzles, but I love the idea of them. The concept of anyone—friends and strangers alike!—gathered around a project and working towards a shared end goal can draw me in on sight. But not long after the easy edges are properly placed, I remember that I’m not the most skilled at piecing together the big picture. As it goes on, I am reminded that I need another person there to guide me and help me bring all the many elements back into focus.  

In Luke 24:13-35, we catch two very puzzled Emmaus disciples arguing and appearing absolutely discouraged (and in some translations, just plain sad). They try to figure out amongst themselves—to absolutely no avail—what exactly was going on with the Man in whom they had just placed all their trust. They do not have the full picture. And as a result, they have not been able to come to the full conclusion of what to believe about His earthly ministry all on their own. 

To Walk Alongside Us 

I just know these disciples had so many doubts and questions. Were the words He spoke with such authority even true? Should we have placed our hope in someone more trustworthy? Though they have all the pieces and can recount them back and forth to each another, they still aren’t fully able to connect the dots or uncover Christ’s plan in the midst of all their chaos and confusion.  

Luckily, the One who is truth embodied treks those seven miles alongside them. And by His grace, He allows them to reach the fullness of clarity. I love that Jesus chooses to walk alongside them as they are already on their journey–is this not what discipleship is all about? They weren’t in the midst of a brand-new missionary journey; they were simply on their way to their decided destination when Christ so graciously made His truth known to them. 

The Call to Discipleship 

Christ’s walk with the Emmaus disciples serves as a beautiful example of our call to discipleship as believers. Just as the Emmaus disciples are truly followers of Jesus, it’s also true that they needed someone wiser than they were to help them piece the puzzle together. Are you like these two men, needing a mentor in the faith? Or can you be like the one multiplying disciples in this story, knowing the truth of the Word and how it can pertain to the two disciples’ walk?  

You may not have all the answers, but if you belong to Jesus, you are able to play one of these roles in the discipleship process. And as you grow as a follower of Jesus, you will walk alongside other believers as they grow, too. Can you help your fellow disciples in their own unpuzzling? By nature, disciples make disciples. So, don’t be afraid to take that next step!