The Gift That Keeps On Going and Going

Jim Cumbee

. . . salvation to everyone who believes . . .

Romans 1:16c

Have You Noticed?

I recently noticed some odd-looking shrubbery around the mailbox of a house that I regularly pass by on my morning walk. I remember thinking it looked very mature for newly planted shrubbery. That afternoon, I pointed it out to my wife as we drove by the house. Her response was simple: “Those shrubs have been there for years.”

How is it that something so easy to see, that I literally walk past almost every single day of my life, goes completely unnoticed? Of course, the answer to that question is painfully obvious: I just haven’t been paying attention.


Do You Treasure The Gift?

I can slip into that same inattentiveness when it comes to my walk with Christ. Something as obvious as my sincere desire to follow His lordship can escape my consciousness as I stroll through this life. I can confidently say that I am not ashamed of the gospel and the power of God for salvation. However, I must admit that I can—and often do—take it for granted.

The Apostle Paul provides a powerful, yet simple contrast in Romans 1:16. The opposite of being ashamed is to be confident. This verse challenges me to be confident in the gift of salvation and to not take it for granted. Likewise, it reminds me to not miss the things of God as I stroll through life. His grace is truly the gift that keeps on going and going, though we so often let it pass by us in our manmade busyness and inattentiveness to His hand at work.


Now What?

Consider the ways you’ve been inattentive to the power of the gospel in your life. What can you do to be more confident and reflective of the gift of salvation given to you? Reflect on any situations where you can be of service in helping other believers to experience greater confidence in the gift of salvation in their own lives. Pray for the boldness to help your non-believing friends and family see the power of the gospel at work in you and through you.


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