Live Your Mission

Luke 8:26-39


Jesus said that his mission would fulfill Isaiah’s prophecy to “set free those who are oppressed” (4:18).  There’s not much more of a picture of someone completely and totally oppressed anywhere in Scripture than the condition of the demon-possessed man.  Three truths about power in Luke 8 that impact our mission:


  1. Demonic Power is Real – v. 22-29
  2. The Power of Jesus is Far Greater – v. 30-33
  3. We Respond to Power in Great Fear or Great Faith – v.34-39


As we GO to live the mission among our neighbors and the nations we learn from this story:

  1. Spiritual warfare is real, so don’t go into battle without the full armor of God. – Eph. 6:10-20
  2. Jesus has power over the most hopeless and oppressive situations imaginable.  – Luke 1:37
  3. We are called to go with this story: This is who I was.  This is how Jesus has changed me. – Matthew 28:18-20.