Sermon Notes | Episode 15 | Jay Strother

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The True Meaning of the Advent Season

Sermon Notes | Episode 15

Welcome back to Sermon Notes, a podcast that dives deeper into the sermons of each of our campus pastors. In this episode, we’re joined by Dr. Jay Strother from the Church at Station Hill. We’ll start off with a fun Christmas game, and then dive into Jay’s sermon on Isaiah 35:1–10.

Jay unpacks the meaning of the advent season, which marks the first-coming of Jesus, also known as His birth. Lesser known is the second advent – where Jesus will make His second-coming. Jay shares his insights on how Christians live in the tension of the two comings of Christ.

We also hear from Jay the true meaning of the word “Shalom,” and how Christians can experience this true peace and carry it into their homes. We are called to bear God’s kingdom in any circumstances He places us in.