Right Where You Are

Atticus’ Story

About four or five years ago, I met a fellow snake breeder who had a really bad life. He’s an ex-felon. He’d been to prison. He was a drug dealer and a drug addict. He had all of his kids taken away from him. And I met this guy through snakes.

From Snakes to Salvation

We talk every couple of months whenever there’s a new project we have to work on. He’s always been very against God. I would always put in hints in our conversations about or talk about how I have to go to church on Sundays. And he was always very against it. His backstory had not been really great, and he has always blamed it on this God that he’s never believed in.

So after watching Music Mondays that we would post on Facebook, I got a text, and he said, “Hey, bud. I need to talk.” I was like, “Oh, okay, that’s cool,” and we talked about it. He realized that there is Someone over him and that he really needs God in his life. I ended up giving him a Bible of mine, and he asked a lot of questions that I really didn’t know the answer to. But we’ve been working through it.

True Life Change

He has just recently went and joined a church in Columbia, Tennessee, and he’s now using his story to inspire others about his walk with God. Every couple of weeks, we’ll sit down and talk about what God’s doing in my life or in his life. I’ll answer some questions if I know the answers to them, and his life has changed so much. We now have almost weekly conversations about God and how he can keep growing in his walk with God and also lead his kids in the same path that he’s on.

This conversation story has been over a span of about four years, and after I had the initial conversation a couple of years ago, I just kind of let the Holy Spirit take His hold and let Him do what He’s going to do.