Raising Kingdom Builders: The Lamphron Pursue Story

In 2022, when the Pursue Giving campaign began, the Lamphron family sat in service at Avenue South as Aaron Bryant shared about a new campaign to invest in healthy congregations, facilities, and leaders. Part of the campaign would directly support their own campus move to a new facility.

Inspired by the call to support their church’s growth, their daughters took the initiative to be part of the campaign, driven by a profound sense of purpose. As they watched their church expand and thrive, the Lamphrons embraced their role in building God’s kingdom and teaching us all the joy of giving back.

As one of the daughters shared, “I would give back to God because, with all the blessings that we’ve been given, I think it’s best to just give them back to the one that blessed us with them.”

Over the last two years, the Lamphron family has seen the Lord grow their faith as they pray for the future home of Avenue South and give generously.

To learn more about the Pursue campaign and how you can support it, click here.