TNT is a one-year leadership development initiative that equips and encourages leaders for life, ministry, disciple making and kingdom advance.

Is TNT right for you?

Do you . . .

  • Hope to grow as a spiritual leader?
  • Want to take your Biblical understanding, theology, faith and relationship with Christ to the next level?
  • Currently serve within a ministry at Brentwood Baptist (any campus)?
  • Want to be equipped to serve Christ inside or outside the walls of the church?
  • Have the commitment to complete reading assignments, write term papers, engage in respectful theology discussions with classmates, complete required assessments, and serve in a ministry?

If you answered yes to these questions, you may be a candidate for the TNT course. Your next step is to fill out the online application. You will need a recommendation from a church leader (i.e. minister, Group leader, Trustee, TNT alumnus), requested at the end of the application.

We offer TNT in two formats: Online or Classroom / Live.

The same content is presented simultaneously in both formats.

TNT Online

  • Semi-self-paced, with weekly goals scheduled.
  • Reading assignments, videos and written papers.
  • Social media-style engagement with instructor and fellow students through threaded online discussions.
  • Internet and Teachable platform access is required to participate in TNT Online.

TNT Classroom / Live

  • Meet in person, once a week (typically on the Brentwood campus).
  • Reading assignments and written papers.
  • Live instructor engagement and face-to-face discussion with fellow students.

Overview of TNT Course

The content below is the same for both classroom and TNT Online options. The only difference is that TNT Online will include videos in place of a live professor and require threaded online discussions for accountability to reading assignments.




Fall Term  |  August – December
Winter Term  |  January – February
Spring Term  |  March – May