June 8 | A Reminder and a Warning

Today’s Reading:

Read I Kings 9:1-9; Proverbs 25:1-22; Proverbs 26:20

Let’s go on a scavenger hunt!  Split into two teams and search around your house for anything that might have a “warning label” on it.  Set a timer for two minutes. When you find the warning labels, take a picture of the label. At the end of two minutes, gather as a family and compare your pictures.  Who found the most warning labels? 

Warning labels help us because they make us aware that there is a possibility of danger or a negative consequence.  In our reading today, God responded to Solomon’s prayer from I Kings 8 as he dedicated the temple. God told Solomon he heard the prayers and requests.  The temple had been “consecrated” or set apart for God to dwell there.  God gave Solomon assurance that He would dwell in the temple.  But God also gave Solomon a warning. 

God’s promise to dwell in the temple meant that the Israelites had to renew their covenant with God and that they would also promise some things.  God expected for the Israelites to keep His statutes and ordinances.  God outlined for Solomon his expectation that Solomon would follow in the ways of his father, King David.  God was clear in explaining that if the Israelites chose to not follow God’s directions, there would be a consequence.  God would “reject the temple.”  Specifically, God reminded the Israelites not to worship false gods.  God was the one true God whom they should worship.  God established what would happen in response to faithfulness and unfaithfulness. 

Solomon’s writings in Proverbs offer more wisdom on how the Israelites (and us!) should interact with others.  He reminded the readers how important their words were.  Words can be used to build up or tear down.  Solomon reminded us that we should use our words to show love to others and not to hurt them. 


Design a warning label for the temple based on what God told Solomon could happen if the Israelites disobeyedThank God for his grace and his forgivenessThank God for His word which gives us what we need so that we can make decisions that honor Him. 

June Memory Verse:

“Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God.”

Using the daily reading prompts from George H. Guthrie’s Read the Bible for Life, here’s how to use this devotional:
  1. Bring your Bible!  Your kids need to see that everything you are reading to them or learning about comes from an actual Bible!
  2. Each day starts with a reading prompt.  Read the selection as a family.  If your kids are readers, encourage them to read along with you.
  3. After you’ve read the passage, read the short devotional thought that goes along with each passage.
  4. Prayer and application are important any time we read God’s word!  After each devotional, there is a challenge to help apply what your family has read that day.
  5. There is a reading for six days of the week.  The last reading of the week is a Gospel Conversation Prompt to help you connect the reading from the week with God’s plan for salvation.

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