Hope For The World Holiday Service Guide 2017

What Does Love Look Life?

If you ask someone what love looks like, most of the time they’ll tell you a very simple story about a gentle touch at just the right time, a cup of coffee when things were getting tough, or a friend who simply showed up and sat down. For all of our poetry about love, most of us need to see love in very real and tangible ways.

How You Can Love Your Neighbor

That’s why we’ve put together this Holiday Service Guide. Now, if you want to do something, turn through these pages and find the opportunity that resonates with your heart. Then, make the connection and get involved.

In these pages, you’ll discover ways we can partner together this Christmas season. You’ll see opportunities to volunteer locally at places such as GraceWorks and Set Free. You’ll find ways to pray for our local, national, and international partners and missionaries.

You’ll learn how our Christmas Food Baskets minister to the mind, body, and soul. You’ll see examples of how the Hope for the World Missions Offering makes a real difference in the lives of people both close to home and around the world.

We Celebrate by Giving

As Christians, we celebrate the greatest Gift of all by giving, and we give more than just money. Like Christ Himself, true love demands we give our whole selves to the work. There’s someone in here that needs to see the love of Christ in a very real way. In showing them the true meaning of Christmas, you’ll find it for yourself as well!

Mike Glenn
Senior Pastor