Gospel Transformation Stories From The Summer

Faith Like a Child

Over the summer, we interviewed three Brentwood Baptist children who attended Vacation Bible School and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We wanted to share how God is already working through these children to further the Kingdom for His glory. Landon Hall, Sophia Wooden, and Addison Wooden are all new believers who have a message to share about what they have learned since becoming Christians.

Landon Hall: Ministry Starts in Community

At first glance, Landon Hall may seem like any other fourth grader. He loves sports, especially soccer, and his favorite pastime includes playing outside with friends. However, after sitting down with Landon and conversing, this bright-eyed child has a rare maturity about him that truly sets him apart from his classmates.

Landon credits his composed nature to his acceptance of Jesus into his life at Brentwood Baptist’s 2018 Vacation Bible School, Game On. “My actions have changed since accepting Christ,” says Landon. “I’ve been paying more attention in Sunday school and have been reading my VBS devotion every night before bed.”

How Landon Follows Jesus

The ten-year-old first met Jesus while singing songs at church. He says the idea of becoming a Christian developed from his desire to “follow Jesus and do what God wants me to do.” God is already using this new believer to change lives in the Brentwood community. Landon and his best friend share the gospel with their neighbors as they play outside in the evenings. Together, they attend Wednesday night church by way of what Landon and his neighborhood friends call the “church van” (a.k.a. Landon’s mom’s minivan), which they all pile into to ride to Wednesday Night church services.

Landon hopes to be baptized at the end of the summer in front of the church with his best friend, whom he has grown up with and discovered more about Christ with at Brentwood Baptist. Landon says, “I want to be baptized because it’s a good time now. I know what it means to be baptized: my sins are washed away, and I’m a new person.”

“God is Always Helping”

The rising fourth grader is excited to continue learning more about Jesus and the gospel by reading the Bible and attending church camp with his friends. In regard to his favorite thing about Jesus, Landon says he loves the Lord because “He’s always helping.” Whether that be helping Landon make good decisions, allowing him to focus in school, or protecting him while playing soccer, Landon knows God is there with him.

One way you can support Landon is to intentionally pray for his relationship with God to grow stronger, and that God will continue to help him do well on tests and in soccer.


Sophia Wooden: Ministry Starts with Faith and Obedience

At seven-years-old, Sophia Wooden is a young lady who enjoys drawing, baking cupcakes, and learning about Jesus. At Brentwood Baptist’s summer VBS, she accepted Christ and continues to learn more about how amazing her Savior is. She proclaims, “I believe that Jesus is the Son of God and can heal anybody…even if they’re dead, Jesus can raise them to life like Lazarus!”

She remembers praying the prayer to ask Jesus into her heart in a corner near Marketplace at Brentwood Baptist. Since then, Sophia says she has been kinder to her sister and shows others she has been made a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17) by being nice. She also does this by reading her Bible and discussing it with her friends.

Standing Strong in Faith

Sophia’s favorite Bible story is the flood and Noah’s Ark. She shares, “Noah kept his beliefs and obeyed God even when others didn’t want him to.” She knows that even when people don’t want you to believe in God, and they try to tell you what to do or say, like Noah, God will help you to stand strong in your Christian faith.

However, even when we do make mistakes or disobey Him, Sophia reminds us that “Jesus died for us. He’s loving and forgiving, and He loves us even when we do mess up.”

Young Sophia hopes to be baptized soon, as now she realizes what it means to be a Christian and has accepted Jesus to be first in her life. Please pray along with her that she will continually put Jesus first in her life and God will reveal Himself to her and help her to lovingly obey Him.


Addison Wooden: Ministry Starts with Selfless Love

After first hearing about Jesus from her mother and father, as well as her preschool minister, seven-year-old Addison Wooden wanted to be a Christian––especially after learning more about Jesus and the miracles He has done to heal people.

Addison says, “Being a Christian means to respect God and do what He says and to love Him.” Her favorite thing about Jesus? “He loves us all no matter what.” For example, she recognizes how even though Jesus was Jewish and came to save the Jewish people, they did not believe He was the Son. Even though they do not believe in Him, Jesus still loves the Jewish people, like we should love others who do not believe.

A Reason to Smile

Since accepting Christ, Addison observes that her attitude has improved and now she has a reason to smile all the time. When asked if she would ever be a missionary, she cheerfully responds with that beaming smile, “Yes! I love Jesus so much that I would do anything for Him if He wanted me to.” She says she wants to show Jesus’ love to people by giving them food and water and sending them missionaries, so they can learn about Christ and accept them into their hearts like she did.

It is truly inspiring to see such an amazing heart full of adoration for Jesus, willing to obey Him how ever He calls her. Please continue to pray for Addison, specifically that her relationship and love for Jesus would continue to flourish under the guidance of Brentwood Baptist’s children’s ministry.