Mac and Grace

Mac and Grace are serving in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada). There, Mac is the pastor of The Point Church, a multi-cultural, multi-generational congregation that meets on the campus of an influential Canadian university. The Point Church has been and continues to be a strategic, global church partner of Brentwood Baptist Church. Just as the church is situated on top of Burnaby Mountain overlooking the city, Mac and Grace recognize the unique opportunity ahead of them to be “a city on a hill” to share Gospel light to Burnaby Mountain and greater Vancouver (Matthew 5:14).


Prayer needs:

– Pray for God to continue to sustain their marriage

– Pray for Mac as he pastors the church

– Pray for Grace as she builds relationships on the university┬ácampus and on Burnaby Mountain

– Pray for a strong network of local churches to come alongside Mac and Grace and The Point Church

– Pray for discernment as they navigate a new culture

– Pray for boldness to share the Gospel and people to respond

– Pray for life-giving community to surround and encourage Mac and Grace

– Pray that they continue to seek God’s best for their lives

-Pray for the planning and sending of teams from Brentwood Baptist and other partners.