Nathan and Lynna-Summer 2023

Nathan and Lynna will serve May-August of 2023 in under-reached areas of Europe throughout Spain, France, Greece, & Slovenia. They will  lead the Ten2Project, a summer missions project through Greater Europe Mission for 100+ 18-25 year olds serving alongside missionaries thoughout 17 cities in Europe. Learn more about the Ten2Project at

Nathan works full time with Greater Europe Mission mobilizing those who feel led to serve overseas both short and long term. He also leads worship, develops/records podcasts and writes music in support of the work of Greater Europe Mission. Nathan and Lynna serve together during the summers.

Nathan and Lynna call the Ave South campus their church home.

Please pray for Nathan and Lynna in these ways:

For the encouragement and strength of the global workers they will be working alongside this summer.

Safety and logistics for Nathan and Lynna, and for all ten2project participants.

Gospel sharing opportunities daily.

Strength and wisdom through spiritual warfare.

Unity of the team.

For God to call many on the team to full time missions

For clarity and leading from the Lord for their future in missions and worship ministry

Success in connecting families there to the growing body of Christ in the region.

Salvation and discipling among the people of the region.