Daniel and Sandra

Daniel and Sandra are currently engaged in four key areas of ministry. First, they work with local churches using Oral Storying Strategies to tell others stories from the Bible and stories about Jesus. They also teach others these storying techniques to make the gospel readily understood, especially among illiterate and Bibleless people. Second, they lead a training and mentorship program for Mexican couples and professionals who are preparing to launch into the Middle East and Asia as global workers. Third, they lead a discipleship club of high school students who have pledged to spend a gap year in the Middle East supporting global workers as soon as they graduate. Finally, they are key leaders in creating an institutional, legal, and fiscal structure that can sponsor and support a growing number of Mexicans hoping to spend their lives in the harvest fields of the least reached in the 10/40 window.

  1. PRAISE GOD for the leadership team He is building around us for our ministry. Years of faithful service and your prayers are paying fruits as couples who have known us for 15+ years are joining us to work together as we seek to build God’s kingdom here  and with young people.
  2. Pray for the outreaches to students in our area.
  3. Pray for our discipleship group. Besides our focus on prayer and gospel conversations, we believe God will bring people to Himself, and we can help them learn to disciple others in a growing chain of discipleship.

Daniel and Sandra are planted in and sent from our church family’s Woodbine Campus.