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One of the greatest opportunities we have as parents is to have gospel-centered conversations with our children. Yet, issues such as feeling overwhelmed, inadequate, busy schedules, and others often create roadblocks in the face of this powerful opportunity we have been given. We, as a church, want to encourage and equip you to have these conversations with your children no matter their ages. Below are some resources we would like to offer as we challenge you this month to begin taking steps towards gospel conversations with your children. Let us know what questions you have or ways we can come alongside you.

Linc Taylor
Minister to Next Gen and Family
Brentwood Baptist Church


Family Spring Break Guide

Spring break is here, and with it comes more family time. Whether you’re taking a trip or staying at home, here are a few ways you can talk about loving God and your neighbor this spring break with your family.

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What Is the Gospel? A Parent’s Guide to Gospel Conversations

The responsibility of training up the next generation to love and serve the Lord can feel overwhelming. That’s why we are providing this guide with simple ways to introduce gospel conversations with your preschoolers and elementary-aged kids into your daily life. Gospel conversations do not need to be difficult, formal, or comprehensive but should begin a life-long learning journey between a budding disciple and our God.

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Coloring Pages with Gospel Conversation Questions

To aid parents in gospel conversations at home, here are four coloring pages with questions on the back to spark discussion. Enjoy this precious time with your children as you engage them with timeless truths! Click below to download a PDF version of each coloring sheet.

Week One | Week Two | Week Three | Week Four

Recommended Reading

The Jesus Storybook Bible

While other kids’ Bibles contain stories from the Old and New Testaments, The Jesus Storybook Bible tells the Story beneath all the stories in the Bible, pointing to Jesus as our Savior. From the Old Testament through the New Testament, as the Story unfolds, children will clearly see that Jesus is at the center of God’s great story of salvation—and at the center of their story too.

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Jesus Saves: The Gospel for Toddlers

Toddlers are not too young to learn the gospel! Help them discover how and why Jesus saves in this hopeful and beautifully illustrated board book. Using easy-to-understand, simple concepts, children’s book author Sarah Reju offers a way for parents to teach the good news to children ages one to four.

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