Engage Community Missions Guide

How Do We “Engage”?

When we talk about engaging Middle Tennessee, we are talking about intentionally reaching out to people in our own backyards and having gospel conversations so that they have the opportunity to encounter Jesus and experience a life-changing relationship with Him.

It also means engaging our members to know where we are sending beyond the Middle Tennessee borders. It isn’t an either/or question. It’s about how and when. How do we make missions a part of our lives daily in Middle Tennessee and around the world?

Here’s How…

This Sunday on all campuses, you’ll have the opportunity to pick up a copy of the Engage Community Missions Guide. In it, you’ll find updates about things happening on our campuses locally that reflect the heart of the Middle Tennessee Initiative. MTI is our call to address the needs of poverty, education, and healthcare in order to engage the whole person with the whole gospel of Jesus Christ. You’ll also learn about how you can get involved here at home and around the world.

You can also click here to view the Engage Community Missions Guide today!