Building on the Word of God

A Legacy of Faith

Sunday, February 15 was a special day for The Church at Station Hill. Over 250 people gathered together for the opportunity to pray over the new building that is currently being constructed in Spring Hill. In April of 2014, the church broke ground on this new facility and by the fall of 2015, it will be fully ready for an exciting new season of ministry.

Beginning at 2:30 in the afternoon, Jay Strother, Campus and Teaching Pastor for Station Hill, welcomed everyone and opened the event in prayer. Mike Glenn, Senior Pastor of Brentwood Baptist Church, shared about the legacy of faith in the church and the importance of carrying on that legacy in these exciting times at Station Hill.

A Time of Prayer and Meditation

After the conclusion of this brief ceremony, which also included a song and another time of prayer, people were invited to walk around the building and write Scripture and prayers in several designated areas like the stages in the children’s ministry and student ministry worship areas, the wall frames of the preschool area and the adult discipleship area, and a few places in the commons area. Many people came prepared with the verse or prayer they wanted to write.

God’s Grace and Provision

This was a significant day for the church for a couple of reasons. Brian Coates, Station Hill’s Discipleship & Administration Pastor explains that this event was a way to “symbolically demonstrate that the foundation of our church is the Word of God and the prayers of His people.” It was also significant because for many, it was the first time they had to opportunity to walk around inside the building and dream about how God would work in the coming weeks, months, and years in this space. Coates explains, “It was one of those days where you look around and are overwhelmed with thankfulness for God’s graciousness and provision, while also being filled with anticipation for what lies ahead.”

A Firm Foundation

This was not the first time a Brentwood Baptist campus has held a special foundation-signing event. Over 10 years ago, during the construction of the Brentwood campus, church members came together to pray over the very foundation of the building where ministry would take place. They wrote Scripture passages on the floors, the beams, and the walls so that the church building would literally be surrounded and supported by the weight and strength of God’s Word. The Church at Avenue South did the same during the construction of their facility. This has become a special tradition for campuses of Brentwood Baptist Church. The Church at Station Hill’s foundation signing event was an important step toward new and exciting ministry opportunities that God has in store.