Guodong Zhang • Chinese Minister

Guodong Zhang

Chinese Minister

Guodong Zhang

Guodong was born and grew up in Harbin of China and took his masters degree in Energy Science at the Kyoto University, Japan. After his family moved to the United States in 2000, he was immediately invited to a local Chinese Baptist Church. He was touched by Jesus’ love on the cross and was baptized on Easter Sunday 2001. 

He was inspired by God’s Scripture: “The harvest is abundant, but the workers are few. Therefore, pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest. Now go; I’m sending you out like lambs among wolves” (Luke 10:2-3). Guodong firmly believes in Jesus’ calling on his life. He started to serve in church after his baptism, as well as with network missionaries to preach the gospel to Chinese all over the world. God has guided him, and he and his coworkers planted Creekside Chinese Church in 2003. As he experienced God’s leading, he deeply understood that we are not only the ones praying that God would “send out workers,” but we are also the “sent out workers” who obey the command of Jesus: "Now go.”

Chinese Christians are only 10% in the Chinese community. This is the fact that “The harvest is abundant, but the workers are few.” So, Guodong’s vision is preaching and encouraging his brothers and sisters to become "workers" to make disciple who make disciples.

Guodong Zhang lives with his wife and younger daughter in Franklin, Tennessee. His eldest daughter lives in Chicago with her husband.


国东清楚明白地感受到了神的呼召并被主的话所激励: “就对他们说,要收的庄稼多,作工的人少。所以你们当求庄稼的主,打发工人出去收他的庄稼。你们去吧。我差你们出去,如同羊羔进入狼群。(路加福音10:2-3)受洗后就开始了教会的服事和面向全球华人的网络宣教事工并从2003年开始与当地的同工们一起建立了溪水旁华人教会。在神的带领下他深深地明白了主的命令,我们不只是求主打发工人收他的庄稼的祷告者,更是回应这个祷告被主差派出去的主的工人并完全顺服在主的命令下: “你们去吧”。

华人基督徒的比例仅仅占华人社群的10%左右, “要收的庄稼多,作工的人少。”对华人社群来说是实实在在的。所以鼓励训练门徒成为被主差遣的工人成为使万民作主的门徒的门徒是来自神的异象和国东清楚的看见。

国东 现在和他的妻子还有小女儿住在田纳西州富兰克林市,他还有一个大女儿现在和他的丈夫住在芝加哥。