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Media Director

The Media Director will serve Brentwood Baptist Church, under the direction of the Communications Minister, by managing and developing the media systems and personnel that support the worship services, ministries, events, and initiatives of the church. The Media Director has responsibility for the oversight and implementation of processes, systems, strategies, staff, and volunteers that provide media support (specifically, audio, video, and lighting) for worship services and events that take place at all Brentwood Baptist campuses.

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Web Development Manager

Web Development Manager develops new digital platforms and maintains functionality of existing platforms. This position is responsible for information design, web database administration, programming, and troubleshooting of digital platforms while contributing to the exploration of new technologies and effective digital communication. Position will provide key input on web design and may act as the lead web designer in some situations.

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Brentwood Baptist Interns are part-time trainees that work with or without pay in a specific area of ministry in order to clarify calling, build confidence, and gain experience for secular employment or ministry based service.

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