Brentwood Baptist Multi-Campus Model

  • Brentwood Baptist Church

    While historically “Brentwood Baptist Church” has referred to the congregation located at 7777 Concord Road in Brentwood, this name now refers to one church made up of all campuses and congregations. Each of the five campuses has its own name, reflecting its geographical location/community, with the tagline “a regional/ministry campus of Brentwood Baptist.” This helps reinforce the alignment and shared mission of each campus.

    For more on the Brentwood Baptist Church story, see Our History.

  • Brentwood Campus

    Informally defined as the “central campus,” the Brentwood campus of Brentwood Baptist Church is located at 7777 Concord Road. Noting the church’s proximity to I-65, Senior Pastor Mike Glenn describes the Brentwood campus as “the place where you enlist. This is the place where you go through your basic training. And this is the place where you receive your orders for deployment. It’s the reason God put us next to an exit ramp. You’re supposed to leave here and go somewhere and do something.” 

    And this is the approach the Brentwood campus has taken as they further began the process of church multiplication as one aspect of the Middle Tennessee Initiative. In addition to ministering to the Brentwood community and training and equipping church members to go and reach other communities throughout the greater Nashville area, the Brentwood campus also houses central support services for all campuses including the Business Office, Executive Pastors’ offices, Communications, and Facilities management.

  • The Church at Station Hill

    The Church at Station Hill was the first regional campus of Brentwood Baptist Church, launched in 2010 specifically to minister to the Spring Hill/Thompson’s Station area. Led by long-time Brentwood Baptist minister, Jay Strother, this campus has grown from about 150 core members in 2010 to weekly worship attendance of about 700 by 2015.

    For the first 5 years, The Church at Station Hill operated in leased space behind Kroger Marketplace on Thompson’s Ridge Rd. In 2013, 30 acres of land was purchased just off Saturn Parkway between Port Royal Road and Kedron Road. The new, permanent campus of The Church at Station Hill, with about 50,000 square feet of Worship, Preschool/Children’s/Student Ministry, and office space that will be completed in the fall of 2015.

    Now positioned in one of the fastest-growing regions of southern Middle Tennessee, The Church at Station Hill is poised to be a significant place for ministry and outreach for decades to come.

  • The Church at Avenue South

    Following the success of the Station Hill campus, the dream of a second regional campus began to take shape in 2013. Another long-time Brentwood Baptist minister, Aaron Bryant, was identified as the Campus and Teaching Pastor for this new ministry opportunity. A launch team was formed and they began prayer walking the “12 South” area of Nashville—an area where neighborhood revitalization and new home construction is at a tremendous growth pace.

    The Church at Avenue South officially launched in 2014. This campus is located in the renovated first floor of the former Acuff-Rose Building (an iconic building in Music City’s history) on 8th Avenue South. In the church’s first year, this campus has grown to an attendance of 300-400 people on Sunday mornings. The church has also built great relationships with local businesses and schools in the area, allowing for important ministry opportunities to take shape. 

  • The Church at West Franklin

    About the same time Brentwood Baptist was gearing up to launch a second regional campus, an existing church, West Franklin Baptist Church, initiated conversations about joining Brentwood Baptist in ministry. In June of 2014, after months of prayer and negotiations, West Franklin Baptist Church voted to become The Church at West Franklin, a regional campus of Brentwood Baptist.

    This merger largely contributed to the development of the Middle Tennessee Initiative, which more broadly defines Brentwood Baptist’s church growth strategy by including not only beginning new regional campuses and church plants, but also mergers with existing churches looking to expand their ministry.

    In late 2014, Matt Pearson was called as the new Campus and Teaching Pastor of The Church at West Franklin. With a desire to reach the diverse communities in this area of West Franklin, this campus of Brentwood Baptist is motivated and positioned to see many come to faith in Christ. 

  • The Church at Woodbine

    Like West Franklin Baptist Church, Woodbine Baptist Church reached out to us in 2013 about the idea of a partnership. Having been one of Nashville’s premier churches in the 1960s and 1970s, they had unfortunately experienced a significant decline in membership and attendance in recent years.

    In June of 2014, Woodbine Baptist Church voted nearly unanimously to become a ministry campus of Brentwood Baptist. As a ministry campus, The Church at Woodbine is uniquely focused on serving as an outpost for ministry to its culturally diverse community. In July of 2015, Doug Jones began to serve as the Campus & Community Minister at the Woodbine campus and will lead the church to begin new opportunities to reach the local community with the gospel. 

  • The Church at Lockeland Springs

    The Church at Lockeland Springs is an exciting addition to the Brentwood Baptist family. The former Lockeland Baptist Church has been ministering in this area of East Nashville since 1903. Much like the other church mergers we've completed as part of the Middle Tennessee Initiative, this partnership came as a result of the remaining congregation at Lockeland Baptist recognizing they were no longer positioned to meet the needs of their changing community.

    Now that Lockeland Baptist and Brentwood Baptist congregations voted to come together in the spring of 2016, the Lockeland Springs team and members have been planning and dreaming about how best to reach this thriving community in East Nashville.