The Secret to Reaching the Lost: A Simple Gospel Conversation

In Romans 10:14 Paul says, “How, then, can they call on Him they have not believed in? And how can they believe without hearing about Him?” These questions and their relevance today drive so much of the “Disciples Multiplying Disciples” strategy within our Brentwood Baptist Church family. The church exists not only for those who have already placed their trust in Christ but also for those who have yet to hear.

Todd Avon was seeking Jesus when he came to the Church at Avenue South but didn’t even know the questions to ask when it came to faith. However, through Avenue South’s Mentor Relationship Ministry, Todd was placed with Parker Bradley, a member at the church. Parker took his time walking Todd through passages of Scripture that pointed to Jesus. Through this process, Todd realized that he had never truly placed his faith in Christ. He had been waiting to be told about the good news of Jesus Christ.

Parker is not a superstar and is certainly not a “mega-Christian.” He is simply faithful. He was faithful to open up his life and to tell Todd about Jesus. We call this a “gospel conversation,” which can be defined as sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with the lost and searching and trusting the Holy Spirit with the results. Every Christian can initiate gospel conversations. In fact, every Christian has been set on mission to have gospel conversations with those who do not know Him.

The Christian faith is a “go-and-tell” faith filled with the grandest of all stories. It is the hope of the world for everyone. The world might not know the questions to ask or the people to seek out, and this is why we are sent on mission to follow Christ in all we do and help others to follow Him as well. Will you go? Will you tell? The world is waiting.