So That You May Truly Live

Nastasia Klump

The righteous will live by faith.

Romans 1:17b

In Overwhelming Times

You don’t even need to turn on the news anymore to be constantly reminded that our world is in a state of chaos and confusion. I know I can’t be the only Christian who catches themselves wondering, “What is this?” or “What can I do about this?” Honestly, it can be overwhelming.

But the Holy Spirit has been kindly reminding me to keep my eyes on the most important thing. Not that other situations or issues aren’t important, but that salvation through the gospel of Jesus Christ will always be more important than anything else.

The “righteous” here in Romans 1:17 is referring to those saved by the blood of Jesus. Our works do not grant us salvation. Only through the mercy and love of Christ can we experience salvation. The children of God can only be called righteous through faith.


To Live by Faith

As children of God, we are called to live by that very faith that could make us righteous in the first place—the faith the Lord so graciously placed in us to transform our eternity and give us new life. All too often it’s easy for me to believe and accept that the Lord could save me from eternal destruction… Yet I struggle to have faith that He has a purpose for all of this… right now.

I catch myself saying, “Yeah, God, I know You’re all powerful, but…,” instead of saying, “God, You are the Creator, the Savior, and our good Father. Nothing happening right now is outside of Your control, and I have faith in Your greater purpose.”

Of course, the latter response is what we should be striving for. As children of God, we’re called to a higher standard of living—not a life of fear or anxiety, but one of boldness and joy, knowing that the God who secured our salvation is the same God who daily directs our steps (Proverbs 16:9).


Now What?

Take a moment to consider the areas of tension in your life where you don’t find yourself living in the fullness of life everlasting. Ask the Lord for peace in those spaces and that He would reveal Himself as the source of life where you need Him most. Thank Him for the gift of salvation that you have in Jesus.

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