Love Your World

Love Your World – Luke 7:36-50

Jesus came to give “sight to the blind” (4:18).  In this story, Luke wants us to clearly SEE (7:44)…

  1. A woman who overcomes immense barriers to declare her total love for Jesus (v. 36-38).
  2. A Pharisee who invites a rabbi to dinner and gets a lesson on love (v. 39-43)
  3. A Savior who shatters our categories to show us the good news about the forgiveness of sins (v. 44-50)

What do you do with news this good?  You share it with everyone you can.

Gospel Conversations defined: (1) Sharing the Good News of Jesus (2) with the lost and searching and (3) trusting the Holy Spirit with the results.

The Lord’s Supper helps us remember and celebrate how Jesus made a way for us to be forgiven much.