God desires to hear our prayers. It’s how we communicate with Him. He wants us to pray as individuals and together as we bring to Him our praises, our concerns, our minds, and our hearts. Brentwood Baptist wants to pray for you and with you. We can pray alone, pray in triplets or clusters, and we can pray with others and we have many opportunities to do that as well as opportunities for training and enrichment in the area of prayer.

Prayer Pager

Please pray for those on our prayer pager list, and contact them to assure them of your prayer support. You simply call the number listed by the person’s name, then press 7777# and hang up. The person will then know that someone associated with Brentwood Baptist has prayed for them. Click here to see a current list of the people who have a prayer pager.

Prayer Room

The Prayer Room was established to offer a set-apart place, a set apart time, for a set-apart purpose. It is designed to facilitate and promote an atmosphere/attitude of prayer.

To view a calendar of available timeslots in the Prayer Room, click here. If you’re interested in reserving a prayer time for you or your group, email us.


Praying for my World

Your OIKOS is simply your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers – it’s the people with whom you live, work, and play who are far from God.


Prayer Resources

Each month, join us in praying for the most common and most specific of issues from church to family to leaders and issues and more.