Unreached People Groups

Featured Unreached People Groups

  • The Deaf of Vietnam

    Population: 450,000

    Primary Religion: Buddhism

    Ways to Pray:

    -The Deaf of Vietnam do not have access to Bible stories in their sign lanugage.

    -Pray for the few Vietnamese Deaf believers who are beginning to craft Bible stories in Vietnamese Sign Language.

    -Pray that many would have access to these stories and follow Jesus.


  • What is a people group?

    Members of a people group share the same ethnic identity. They typically have a common language, a common religion, and a common history. People groups often cross political borders and live in more than one country.

    What is an unreached people group?

    A people group is considered unreached when there is no indigenous community of believing Christians able to engage this people group with church planting. Typically the percentage of Evangelical Christians is less than 2%.

    Why are they unreached?

    They are unreached for a reason. They are hard to get to geographically and it’s difficult to reach them due to language, different dialects, and often the blending of religion and cultural identity.

    How many unreached people groups are there?

    There are 11, 747 People Groups totaling 7.3 billion people in the world.

    There are 7,037 Unreached People Groups totaling 4.3 billion people.


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