Team Member Training

Find Team Member Training resources for Brentwood Baptist Missions below.

  • Team Members

    How do I create a Focus Missions Account? Click Here

    How do I log in to my Focus Missions account? Click Here

    How do I share my Personal Trip Page? Click Here

    How do I request a New Password? Click Here

    How do I fulfill my requirements? Click Here

    How do I manage a Group or Family? Click Here

    Example of middle school and high school student applying for a journey and how to setup guardian for parents to have access to requirements and funding: Click Here

    How do I make single payments or set up a payment schedule for Team Members? Click Here

    Thanking your Donors: Click Here

  • Team Leaders

    How to Accept or Deny Applications: Click Here

    How to Create and Edit Discussions: Click Here

    How to Export a Team Roster: Click Here

    Sending a Group Email to the Entire Team: Click Here

    Mission Journey Insurance: Click Here