Leadership Nominations

In August, leadership nominations from all campuses are received. Then in November, all campuses vote to elect our leadership. The elected leaders serve in a central role as they lead all the campuses that make up Brentwood Baptist Church.

To learn more about our governance and how we're structured as a church, click here.

Nomination Form

  • What’s this all about?

    God designed the church to be the place where His followers are discipled and then sent to serve others and share the gospel with the world. That means a lot is at stake. For us to best fulfill the role God has given us as a church, we have to function extremely well, both in effectiveness and efficiency. A biblical and solid plan for governance that puts the right leaders in the right roles is essential.

    As a member of Brentwood Baptist, you are an important part of our church governance. This is a church that is run by the congregation. The members have determined certain key decisions require the vote of members (budget approval, calling of a Senior Pastor, changes to the bylaws, etc.). For many of the other decisions, the membership has empowered 12 church-approved trustees to have oversight over the church. 

    In turn, these church-approved Trustees work with church staff and the Staff Resource Team and Finance Ministry Team. These leadership team members are nominated by church members and are from within the church.

    This model basically means that along with you (the members), the trustees and leadership teams listed below serve in decision-making roles, and the deacons serve in ministry roles. 

  • So what do I need to do?


    Learn about the roles that need to be filled. Qualifications and responsibilities can be found in the Bylaws.


    Who is God leading you to nominate? There may be several people you believe are good candidates for these positions. Ask God to give you the names of the people He’s calling to serve in leadership at Brentwood Baptist. 


    Please fill out the nomination form.

    Nomination Form

  • Who can I nominate?

    Read over the list below to learn more about the qualifications for these roles: 

    • A nominee must demonstrate the love described in
      I Corinthians 13 which reflects forgiveness and self-sacrifice as well as the fruit of the Spirit described in Galatians 5. 
    • A nominee must be at least 25 years of age and a member of Brentwood Baptist Church. A deacon nominee must be a member for a minimum of one year at the time service begins. Nominees for all other teams must be members for a minimum of three years at the time service begins. For those whose Brentwood Baptist membership came in 2014 as the result of mergers with the West Franklin and Woodbine congregations, the time spent as church members prior to the merger will be recognized and count toward the 3-year minimum requirement. 
    • A nominee must reflect and have demonstrated spiritual maturity, godly wisdom, and a committed faith that is evidence of the lordship of Jesus Christ in his or her life. 
    • A nominee must have demonstrated a consistency in stewardship by tithing to the church as a minimal level
      of giving. 
    • A nominee must be an active participant in Brentwood Baptist Church and its campuses and must demonstrate a commitment to the vision, mission, objectives, values, and goals of the church. 
    • A nominee must be willing to follow scriptural principles for conflict resolution, maintain confidentiality, and make decisions objectively without bias to particular areas
      of ministry. 
    • A nominee must be viewed as demonstrating a high standard of a Christ-like life and be free from behavior that would negatively affect the ministry of the church. 
    • A trustee may not serve as a ministry team leader, an active deacon officer, a member of a standing committee, or an employee of the church at the same time the person serves as trustee. A person serving in one of these positions may be nominated and elected as a trustee, but he or she must resign the conflicting position prior to assuming the role
      of a trustee.

    Trustees, Deacons, Staff Resource Team, and Finance Ministry Team serve all Brentwood Baptist campuses. 

    Qualifications and responsibilities can be found in the Bylaws.

  • Nominate a Leadership Team Member


    Trustees help provide spiritual leadership and make decisions for our church. They’re elected by and accountable to you, the members of Brentwood Baptist. It’s their job to keep us all moving toward God’s purposes by providing spiritual wisdom and discernment and by being your voice during
    the process.


    • Serve as a lay leadership team elected by, and accountable to, the members
    • Ensure alignment of ministries with the church’s mission
      and vision
    • Give oversight to the ongoing operations of the church
    • Provide counsel and support to the Senior Pastor and Executive Pastor
    • Serve as a liaison between the church members and staff to accomplish church goals



    The Staff Resource Team (SRT) helps shape the structure of our church staff. They recruit for and fill all ministerial positions, and they shape and maintain the church’s human resource policies and procedures. 


    • Oversee and organize church staff to ensure appropriate staffing levels
    • Employ and recruit for church staff positions
    • Recommend compensation, benefit packages, and merit increases for staff
    • Evaluate job performance and goal achievement
    • Maintain a staff handbook of human resource policies
      and procedures
    • Propose staff disciplinary actions (as necessary)



    The Finance Ministry Team is vital in its oversight of all things financial. They develop the budget, monitor receipts and expenditures, and even manage the church’s debt, as applicable. They also help us understand our spiritual role as members in giving tithes and offerings. Overall, this team is charged with keeping Brentwood Baptist financially sound and healthy.


    • Encourage members to commit to tithing through stewardship education
    • Develop the church budget
    • Monitor receipts and expenditures
    • Monitor the annual independent audit of the church 
      financial statements
    • Manage debt



    The mission of our church compels us to actively minister to others and connect them to Jesus Christ. Our deacons, a pastoral care ministry of our church, are the hands and feet of Brentwood Baptist as they serve our members and reach out to our community at all campuses.
    (Deacons were nominated in May and will be approved by Trustees in October of this year.)