February 3 | Moses is Called by God

Today’s Reading:

Read Exodus 3-4

Think about a lit birthday candle on a birthday cake.  How does the fire on the candle go away?  What do we do to stop the fire from burning?  Imagine if the fire never stopped!  Today we are going to learn about a time when a fire burned and never stopped. 

When Moses grew up, he actually left the Egyptian palace and went to become a farmer in a land called Midian.  He met his wife there.  Moses knew that even though he had grown up in the Egyptian palace, he was actually an Israelite, one of God’s chosen people.   And, he also know that the Israelites were still living in Egypt, still being forced to do hard work and still being treated very unfairly.   

One day, when Moses was taking care of sheep, he saw a bush that was on fire but it was not burning up.  He went closer to see what it was and he heard it talking to him!  Can you imagine that?  God was speaking to Moses through the burning bush and was telling Moses that He had a special plan to use Moses to free the Israelites.  Exodus 3:10, “I am sending you to Pharoah so that you may lead my people, the Israelites, out of Egypt.”  Moses was not sure he could handle a job that big!  But God promised that he would be with him.   

Moses still had a hard time believing what God was telling him to do.  God showed him some amazing things to help Moses believe.  He turned his staff into a snake.  He made Moses’ hand sick with a rash and then he healed it!  Moses was still not sure he could do what God was asking him.  God told him that Aaron, Moses’ brother, could go with him to talk to the Pharoah.  Moses and Aaron traveled to Egypt and met with the Israelite leaders and told them that God had sent them to help the Israelites. 

God raised up Moses to be a “savior” – someone who would rescue them and bring them out of slavery.


Read John 8:34-36 and talk about how Jesus came to set us free just like Moses was sent to set the Israelites freeThank Jesus for his forgiveness and his rescue. 

February Memory Verse:

“For the word of God is living and effective and sharper than any double-edged sword, penetrating as far as the separation of soul and spirit, joints and marrow. It is able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.”

Hebrews 4:12

Using the daily reading prompts from George H. Guthrie’s Read the Bible for Life, here’s how to use this devotional:
  1. Bring your Bible!  Your kids need to see that everything you are reading to them or learning about comes from an actual Bible!
  2. Each day starts with a reading prompt.  Read the selection as a family.  If your kids are readers, encourage them to read along with you.
  3. After you’ve read the passage, read the short devotional thought that goes along with each passage.
  4. Prayer and application are important any time we read God’s word!  After each devotional, there is a challenge to help apply what your family has read that day.
  5. There is a reading for six days of the week.  The last reading of the week is a Gospel Conversation Prompt to help you connect the reading from the week with God’s plan for salvation.

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